New kitchen design 2020: 165 photos of modern trends and kitchen design features

Kitchen design is an important component

Modern global brands offer consumers a very diverse assortment, which allows everyone to create a cozy, comfortable, functional corner in their kitchen. Why is this? So that everyone has the opportunity to create a unique and comfortable space.

We can say with confidence that elements and motifs made from natural materials are not losing popularity; it is safe and interesting. The main thing is to choose them correctly so that they look harmonious and do not seem superfluous.

Preservation of functionality

In contrast to the overabundance of the external, where the rhythm of the city, the richness of events and the flow of information knocks you off your feet, we need to have a visually fresh interior.

One of the priority points in modern home design is the desire to create a laconic space, while maintaining the efficiency and functionality of storage: with built-in cells and additional compartments.

Main motives when decorating a room

When starting a kitchen renovation, you need to plan everything carefully; there is no need to rush in this matter. The kitchen is a room where every little detail really matters.

Modern kitchen design should be convenient for a specific person. This is one of the main criteria. This is especially important for those kitchens in which it is necessary to use all the space as efficiently as possible.

The rhythm of life of a modern person is very energetic; not everyone has enough time to keep all surfaces clean and beautiful. That is why experts strive to ensure that modern kitchens of 2020 are as convenient as possible not only in daily use, but also that they are easy to care for.

In both large and very compact kitchens, you can create a unique project that will fascinate. Modern kitchen design 2020 can be done even in a small area.

How to fit a refrigerator?

When deciding how to create a kitchen design with a refrigerator, it is recommended to follow the same triangle rule. In this case, it is convenient for the housewife to prepare food while being one step away from various objects.

The refrigerator should always be located close to the work surface. A snow-white design option is considered a fashionable trend in decorating a dining room.

Current styles

Conciseness. Most people choose simple options, but they are very easy to use and look great.

Lighting plays an important role. Rooms that use soft natural lighting will look advantageous.

Making the most of all elements. It is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of each element, which should be not only functional, but also attractive. The space should be organized so that all elements in the interior are used.

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A combination of modern finishing techniques, as well as finishing using artificially aged motifs. Such a project will look very harmonious.

By placing a buffet or cabinet in the kitchen, decorated in high-tech style, you can create an unusual and unique interior. It is very important not to overdo it; one or two motives will be enough, no more.

Retro looks interesting in combination with modern solutions. To create the necessary atmosphere, it is necessary to use lighting and furniture in this style.

Fashion trends for the design of different rooms

For the living room, the main trend of 2020 is the priority of light furniture on weightless legs instead of bulky sofas and armchairs. Carved wooden or glass partitions are simply at the height of fashion.

As for the kitchen, a favorite place for the vast majority of housewives, hide the cute, but not fashionable homemade accessories this season, and remove the ruffles. Only minimalism and eco-accents, for example, decorative panels made of cork. Household appliances are as technologically advanced as possible and hidden from view.

The bedroom should not only be stylish and fashionable, but, first of all, conducive to relaxation and peace. Here is the perfect combination of fashion trend and comfort - textile accessories.

An abundance of soft pillows with marble patterns, blankets decorated with ethnic prints. Choose furniture with rounded corners; this is not only relevant, but also safe.

The hallway creates the first impression of both the owners and the home as a whole. Therefore, the design of the hallway in the apartment should also be taken seriously. Fashion trends in colors and interior style were mentioned above; it is worth dwelling on the practical aspects of hallway design:

  • Moisture resistance of finishing materials and furniture;
  • Wear resistance;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Environmentally friendly.

Previously, combined studio living rooms, that is, combined spaces of a living room with a kitchen, office or bedroom, were very popular. The trends of modern design projects are moving away from such solutions.

Functional areas should be separated, albeit not by capital partitions, but by light and carved wooden or combined glass ones.

Renovating an apartment is, of course, a serious decision that should not be approached spontaneously. It is necessary to think through every little detail, discuss all the nuances with all the inhabitants of the room in order to get a result that is pleasing to the eye.


When thinking through the design of a small kitchen, you need to take care of the safety of all details, especially if there are children in the house. The project must be developed in such a way that everything is as safe as possible at every step.

Modern furniture manufacturers offer a huge selection of furniture; it will also not be difficult to choose good kitchen appliances. There is an ideal solution for everyone.

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Color palette

Color solutions for the kitchen can be very different. The interior of the 2020 kitchen may well be painted in a restrained or creatively bright shade.

In this matter, it is worth starting from the area of ​​the room, as well as personal preferences. For small rooms there is no need to choose dark colors.

Pastel shades

Natural and pastel shades are in fashion now. The most popular are motifs that imitate wood, stone or earth.

A large number of designers look for inspiration for their projects in nature. Customers also really like natural colors.

White color is classic

This color is one of the most popular in kitchen interior design. By looking at the photo of the 2020 kitchen design, you can be convinced of this, because there are a huge number of options.

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On the one hand, this color is impractical, but it can give the room freshness and cleanliness. This option is universal; you can match it with furniture and appliances of almost any color.

Even without the help of designers, you can add bright accents to a white kitchen and it will be harmonious. Here you can get creative and create a unique design project.

A bright solution will be relevant for small spaces. A light background allows you to visually expand the space, but dark shades clog it.

Let's be a little clearer

Refusal from plastic should be interpreted correctly. New interior design items , as before, are designed for lightness; in addition, it is only proposed to maintain an environmental balance.

It is predicted that eco-materials will take a leading place. For upholstery of upholstered furniture, it is becoming preferable to use natural raw materials. As a result, a rapid increase in the production of eco-leather, eco-fur and other materials of the latest generation has been recorded.

To clarify, a very popular nanotechnological material now is tencel, which is produced by processing wood. It is comfortable, environmentally friendly and durable.

Combination of black and white

Contrast also remains popular. The design of a kitchen in an apartment with such shades should be carefully thought out.

In order to smooth out the contrast, you can use wooden inserts, these can be countertops, built-in furniture facades, a table with styles, etc.

Tricks of "Provence"

  • Light shades. The euphony of white and blue looks great.
  • The presence of ceramic and enamel utensils.
  • Light bouquets of dried herbs, lavender and its shades in decoration.
  • Using clay pots.
  • Simplicity of textiles.

It is convenient to place bar counters, decorative arches or use wooden beams on the ceiling. All this visually harmonizes the space. What else is suitable?

Gray at the peak of popularity

Undoubtedly, gray colors in the kitchen interior are now in trend. Designers love it, because on the one hand it is neutral, but on the other hand, it interacts well with bright shades, which expands the possibilities of designers. Gray looks great in combination with many tree species.

There are a lot of shades of gray and it won’t be difficult to choose exactly what you want. You can also combine different shades in one room. For example, highlight the cooking area with a light gray shade, and highlight the eating area with a more saturated shade.

By playing with colors and their shades, you can create a unique design that will be comfortable and pleasant. Even with such an ordinary color, the simplest kitchen will sparkle with new colors and become fashionable.

Advantages of white kitchens

By choosing a white kitchen design, the homeowner visually expands the room. By the way, snow-white sets are suitable for large kitchens and look great in small ones.

They visually expand small kitchens and make large rooms brighter. The airiness of the interior helps a person to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle outside the home. White pieces of furniture fit into any style, giving rise to aristocratic luxury.

Space for freedom of action, rich colors and a comfortable atmosphere are the factors that unite all styles.

Design styles

When choosing a suitable style, it is necessary to take into account not only the area of ​​the room, but also the location of the window, the required amount of furniture and equipment. In 2020, several styles are popular at once, so there will be plenty to choose from.

Designers use the option of combining different styles, which allows them to find the so-called “golden mean” for everyone, because some people like one thing and others like another.

Regardless of the chosen option, it is important that a housewife who loves to cook has everything at hand and is functional, and for those who only prefer to drink tea in the kitchen, it is better to choose minimalism and not clutter up the space.

What can you refuse?

It’s impossible to fit everything in at once, including a refrigerator, a four-burner stove, a separate oven, and a microwave. The homeowner will have to choose priority items. Do you often need to use a hood? Is a large refrigerator necessary? Is a microwave really necessary?

A person will have to answer these questions before planning begins. Modern style is suitable for Khrushchev buildings. It is somewhat strict, but functional. It is beneficial to use smooth facades, gloss, glass. Subdued tones look good.

Loft style

It was borrowed from the USA and was formed in the middle of the last century. It was at that time that a large number of warehouses were converted into residential premises, hence the style, which was so unusual for those times. Now it is quite familiar and is actively used not only in kitchens, but also in other rooms. The design of a corner kitchen will look advantageous in it.

This style is characterized by wall decoration only with brick, without additional finishing, unhidden pipes, and the use of natural materials. The most suitable colors are brown, black and white.

Beautiful nail designs 2022, nails with beautiful designs

Beautiful fingernails with a beautiful design are not only beautiful and stylish, but also feminine, and those new beautiful nail designs for 2022 presented in the photo, which we saw and will see further, will decorate any lady, they are quite enough to fashionistas were able to choose the best option that suits them best.

Beautiful nail design is an important condition in the overall image of a woman; thanks to her beautiful nails, she can advantageously present her new outfit, new haircut and, in general, update and embellish her entire style. In nail design, an important condition remains that they harmoniously combine with the overall style of a fashionista, which she must remember when selecting new shapes and colors, decor and scenery.

High tech

This is one of the most difficult options. It is associated with progress. This style is characterized by the following features:

  • The presence of a large amount of equipment, everything is installed in prominent places. The technology must be in harmony with each other.
  • Main colors: gray, also classic white and black.
  • Practicality is very important. Each element in the room should have its own functional purpose, nothing superfluous.

In this option, good light is very important.

New design 2022, new nails with new design

We all want something new and exciting, for example, to see new nail design collections that, if they don’t surprise us, will at least delight us with the new ideas of fashion stylists and designers, the novelty of their ideas and ideas.

A new nail design may in many ways turn out to be, and we see this in the photo, well-forgotten old or at least updated models from past collections, but this is not a problem, but rather will benefit all fashionistas and help them in choosing new ideas for nail manicure.

Nail shape 2022, fashionable design - almond, oval, square...

Everything new needs to be treated from a philosophical point of view, as well as reacting to all novelty, and we can evaluate new nail designs only after the fact, when we see them, as they say in practice, we will consider them practically.

Classic version

Despite the fact that many choose modern and young styles, the classics do not give up their positions. This style is characterized by luxurious decoration, which creates a warm, comfortable environment. The style can be distinguished:

  • Warm shades in the interior.
  • Large chandelier in the center of the room.
  • A large amount of textiles.
  • Furniture with rounded shapes.

It is advisable to use natural materials in decoration.

Stylish nail designs 2022, stylish nail designs

Nail style is an important component, as well as for the general image of a lady, which all fashionistas should worry about, choosing the image that adorns them, thanks to which they can not only stand out from their opponents and competitors, but also look like a stylish woman with an elegant taste.

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It’s not easy to choose a stylish nail design, but thanks to the stylish design of the new products in the photo of 2022, selected for stylish ladies, they will be able to choose for themselves those beautiful and stylish new products that will decorate them, give them style, ennoble and diversify.

Scandinavian style

It has been in trend for several years now. Minimalist design is welcome.

Among the features of this style are:

  • The colors chosen are neutral with splashes of bright shades.
  • Minimalism is the main feature.
  • Lots of light.

This style will help radically transform a small kitchen.

Design features of minimalism

This style is considered the trend of the year. Worldwide interior designers advise clients to use interesting finishes. At the same time, it is better to avoid a bright palette and an abundance of prints in visible areas. It is beneficial to hide things under the laconic doors of built-in cabinets. As a result, the interior acquires airiness and ease of perception.

This style is especially suitable for owners of “kitchens”, where every centimeter is priceless. A calm range of facade finishing for the sets, the absence of unnecessary fittings - this is a successful “recipe” for design. The bread maker can be placed in a closet. Another profitable option is eco-style.

Photos of kitchen design 2020

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