Hallways 2020 - fresh ideas for modern interior design of the corridor and hallway (140 photos)

Nuances in design 2020

In order for the hall to turn out modern, it is necessary to use the simplest materials. These include natural wood panels, glass inserts, mirrors, and furniture with a lacquered surface.

For modern people, a hallway made in simple geometric shapes is perfect. In 2020, designers will not use furniture with the makings of luxury, painted walls, or vintage decorative items, for example, lamps or sconces. Everything will be done in a minimalist style and at the same time carry considerable functionality.

Most often in apartment buildings the hallway does not have extra meters, the room is always dark and most often not quite the right shape. Therefore, the design, selection of furniture, lighting should be taken with full responsibility.

Many people think that the smaller the hallway, the easier it is to furnish it, but this is not true. Designers are confident that in this case they will have to choose furniture that is not standard in size. Most often, it is made to order, but with not entirely thought-out functionality, as a result of which the furniture contains a lot of unnecessary details.

Photos of unusual models of wardrobes with sliding doors

Sliding models , as in the photo, are always relevant. They can be placed in the bedroom, hallway, living room, office, nursery. The cabinet from the manufacturer in the photo is decorated with a beautiful photo collage with cartoon characters. In a children's room, such a storage system will be relevant. The filling is also adjusted to the child's growth. The crossbars and shelves are within reach, and the mezzanines are designed for mom.

The photo shows beautiful models with sandblasting patterns, photo printing, and laser engraving . Beautiful wardrobes do not have to be decorated with patterns or designs. Mirror or glossy surfaces look no less pathetic. If you install built-in lamps in the upper part of the facade, you can play with any surface, creating light accents.

Original sliding wardrobes will fit well in a small hallway . They hold a lot of things and save usable space. The sliding door system does not require additional space, so the dressing room can be placed in a narrow room. In the gallery you can see custom corner designs. They are not complemented by unusual decor, but there are stylish convex and concave designs. Wave-shaped facades look unusual, while spaciousness does not suffer.

Playing with colors in 2020

Everything became clear about the functionality of this room, but such a moment as the color scheme cannot be ignored. Especially for dark, small rooms where there is no sunlight, you should be more thoughtful in choosing the appropriate shade.

Choosing furniture: cabinet design for the hallway

If the size of your hallway allows you to fit a spacious closet into the interior, be sure not to miss this wonderful opportunity. Cabinets in the hallway are a great solution; in fact, they belong there. The more functionally we arrange the hallway, the more space will remain in the rooms. In addition, it is worth considering that cabinets always bring additional dust and extra odors. And if it is possible to remove a bulky closet from the bedroom, then why not?

If we look closely at modern photos of hallway design, we will find built-in wardrobes or spacious wardrobes on many of them. It happens that at first glance at a photograph it is even difficult to tell that there is a closet in the interior, and it is precisely this kind of camouflage that you should strive for when renovating a corridor.

With enough space and the right approach, a closet in the hallway can become very spacious and functional. When choosing a wardrobe for the hallway, it is better to choose built-in ones made to order.

When we talk about closets, we are talking not only about storing clothes and shoes. You can conveniently store sports equipment, rarely used items and accessories, even books if desired. It all depends on how to organize the interior space of the cabinet.

Especially if you want something grandiose, maybe even five meters high. By thinking through everything in advance, fewer problems will arise in the future. And a cabinet made according to your own design will certainly be more convenient to use, and even more pleasant in the knowledge that this is your brainchild, even if only on paper. And if the performance does not disappoint you, such a cabinet can last for a very long time, without the desire to replace it with a new one.

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White hallway

The hallway, made in white, has always been considered the standard of cleanliness and tidiness. This tone is considered noble; it visually enlarges the space and fills the room with air and light. In this case, it is necessary that not only the color of the walls be white, but also the furniture.

Together with white and a lot of mirrors, you can create a truly special, fashionable interior, get rid of heavy walls, make the room light and free. For greater practicality, it is advisable to make the floor a dark color; tiles work well here; they are easy to clean and do not absorb moisture.

As for the curtains in the hallway in 2020, here this condition is met only in those rooms where there are windows. It is recommended to use natural materials, such as cotton or linen.

It is especially important in 2020 to create a hallway with a slight hint of loft style. Designers recommend painting the walls white or powdery, and making one wall brick. This accent from the threshold will give a hint of a special style throughout the house.

Wall design

No matter how beautiful the furniture in the hallway may shine, an interior with nondescript bare walls can nullify all the efforts of the residents. On the contrary, even simple furniture will seem much more beautiful if the walls are properly decorated and are combined with other elements of the home.

The unique decoration of the walls in the hallway should attract not only its aesthetics, but also be practical to use. White walls harmonize perfectly with small hallways. They will be the ideal backdrop for wall decor and bright furnishings.

Modern decorative wood panels are perfect for a small hallway. They will fit perfectly into any interior, meet all environmental standards and will look impressive in the hallway of a private home.

The stone is suitable for decorating an opening - door or arched. You can lay out an elegant geometric figure and trim the bottom of the room to a small height.

Beige hallway

The beige hallway always remains relevant. Warm colors are suitable for those people who do not want to see cold colors in their home. All shades of beige, from dark to light, will make the interior warm and cozy. Combining warm colors and natural wood in one space, you should pay special attention to the practicality of the interior.

Small hallway design

Of course, we all dream of a large, spacious hallway. But our desires do not always coincide with reality. And it happens that you have to put up with your small hallway, which is quite cramped.

The main rule when creating a small hallway design is not to overdo it with furniture and accessories. It's best to keep things to a minimum here. It is better to choose furniture that is not bulky, as tall as possible, but at the same time takes up little space near the wall.

A narrow shoe rack, a small rack for outerwear, or a roomy but small banquette are perfect. The main rule: do not clutter. And design solutions will help to add light and space: light finishes, mirrors, proper lighting.

Red Hall

The hall in red seems especially interesting and extraordinary to designers. It should be borne in mind that red here should not be the main color, but only thin lines or individual small pieces of furniture or decor. Such a bold shade goes perfectly with the same white tone.

Let's look at photos of new hallway designs. Here, the specialists approached each new project with special responsibility, taking into account all the nuances of both small and large premises.

Hallway 2020: new ideas with photos

A distinctive feature of the design of the corridor is the increased wear resistance of the finishing material, because this space, as a rule, is a narrow entrance area, which means it is constantly exposed to contamination. To keep the room clean, you need to choose wallpaper that is easy to care for. Fortunately, in addition to the usual paper options, modern technologies offer many new types of wallpaper.

The right choice of colors will show off an ordinary room and add coziness. Most often, there is no natural light in the corridor, so it is better to choose colors for the wallpaper so that they are in harmony with the selected lighting and furniture. The classic version of a contrasting combination is black and white. For a corridor, white and light colors are a good choice, as the room will appear larger. But it will also get dirty faster. However, splashes of black will help hide dirt particles on the wallpaper. For the same reasons, you can use plain canvases, but in two contrasting colors. For example, yellow top and brown bottom when dividing a corridor horizontally in half. Or a dark blue border and a turquoise main fabric.

Ceiling finishing

It is best to use the simplest finishing options - whitewash or paint. A simple white ceiling does not take away attention from the main design. Tensile or hanging structures would be a good solution, but it is worth considering that such finishing requires a minimum of 10 cm from the height of the walls. In a small corridor, you should not use multi-level structures, beams or stucco. The glossy surface will visually enlarge the room, making it taller.

Interior of the hallway room in a new design

Hallway room design

Design Features

To avoid sagging of the shelves, their width should not exceed 80 cm. To do this, it is necessary to install intermediate partitions.

Compartment doors less than 60 cm wide are not stable, and when opened, they warp diagonally. For swing doors, a width of more than 60 cm is not desirable. This causes sagging and they will snag.

If you decide to order a corner, built-in wardrobe in the hallway, then during installation, make sure that the doors do not interfere with the full rollout of the drawers. Also check the accessibility of all shelves.

You can make the cabinet yourself. To do this, you need to measure the opening, decide on the design, and do the detailing.

Most stores that sell chipboard and MDF offer cutting and edge gluing services. It is necessary to give them the dimensions of the parts and indicate the sides for edging. Having taken the finished elements, all that remains is to assemble them.

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But it’s better to trust the professionals. The designer will take the correct measurements, develop a design taking into account your wishes and calculate the cost using different components. Will provide samples of materials. Will give comprehensive answers to your questions. Experienced specialists will qualitatively install and adjust the mechanisms.

Finishes and materials

For a competent approach to the selection of finishing materials, you should take into account the entire scope of the features of a particular room: its area, as well as the location of all doors. The fundamental factors when choosing materials are the following: periodic clogging of surfaces, mechanical loads, as well as temperature changes that occur in private households, because they do not have a buffer in the form of an entrance.


One of the best options for finishing the floor in your hallway will be floor tiles. In most cases, porcelain tiles will work best. It is a ceramic product, the strength of which is achieved through various additives. Installation and the cost of the material will be more expensive than, for example, linoleum, but these costs will be worth it, since they are an investment for many years - ceramic or porcelain tiles are one of the most long-term options for floor design.

Painted bathtub in a white bathroom. White is not the only color that is suitable for decorating a bathroom. So if you're planning a renovation or renovation, add a little pop of color to your bathtub. Blue would be a good choice, but stick with the shade that suits you best.


Unlike floor coverings, walls are subject to much less exposure to negative factors and loads. However, when choosing finishing materials, here too a number of features should be taken into account. The use of some types of wallpaper will not be advisable, since paper wallpaper quickly loses its original appearance and cannot be cleaned, and their textile counterparts are much more expensive and when caring for them you will have to abandon detergents.

Based on these observations, we can conclude that practical and suitable materials for a hallway in 2020 can be washable, liquid wallpaper, some types of wall panels and paints, brickwork, as well as decorative plaster.


To decorate the ceiling, you should choose the most versatile and simple finishing materials. Considering the shape and area of ​​the hallway, using designs with several levels and bright colors will not always be appropriate.

Snow-white canvas at first glance does not look like a very creative design option, but its use will visually increase the volume and will suit any chosen wall and ceiling cladding, and will also remain modern and stylish for a long time. Original lighting fixtures will help you break up the monotony of monochrome.

Decor and textiles

The limited space and lack of windows tells us that a modern hallway simply cannot be done without a large number of lamps, as well as their correct location. Before leaving the house, each person needs to take a good look at his image. Thus, a single small chandelier or wall light may not be enough.

Install several ceiling light sources, or place a couple of candelabra directly next to the mirrors. Thanks to such actions, you will visually increase the size of the space, and if in addition you install large mirrors, you will increase the effect, since the light will be additionally reflected.

quality interior. Use a variety of sources: ceiling, wall and floor lighting to provide comprehensive key, functional and decorative lighting.

Based on the fact that the hallway is a small room with a large functional load, there is not much room left for decorative maneuvers. In many cases, it is best to limit yourself to beautiful plants, frames, original texture and pattern on the carpet, chair or banquette. An interesting trick is to cover a wall with a tree appliqué and then place hooks for things in such a way that they appear to be hanging from the branches of an imaginary plant.

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