Living room interior design: photos, ideas and design secrets

The living room is the calling card of any home, the design of which is extremely important when organizing the comfort of a living space. Modular furniture for the living room will always help to increase ergonomics and breathe new life into a familiar interior such furniture is popular today.

Modular “walls” have replaced heavy, oversized furniture sets. The simple design of the modules allows you to quickly change a boring design. They combine perfectly with each other and look impressive not only as a set, but also individually.

What are the advantages of modular living room furniture?

The modern look of living rooms, created on the basis of modular elements, demonstrates a variety of shapes, colors and all kinds of design combinations. Thanks to its simple design, such furniture is quite practical. Moreover, the purchase of universal modules is available to families with different incomes.

Living rooms made from separate blocks are an ideal option for small rooms. If necessary, the modules can be easily rearranged, freeing up living space. By supplementing them with new designs, you can change the usual interior, visually dividing the living room into a relaxation area and a dining room.

As practice has shown, modular living room furniture made in a modern style is a low-cost, universal option that can easily give a presentable look to any room. In the manufacture of such furniture, different materials are used. It can be plastic, glass, natural wood, metal, MDF or chipboard. By the way, the price of modular structures directly depends on the material used in manufacturing.

Rules for choosing furniture for the living room

Before you furnish the living room with furniture, you need to understand what functions the room will perform. It depends on the preferences of the residents: some prefer to spend time actively, invite guests and have fun, others are going to watch TV with the whole family and talk, others prefer to relax with a book and creativity, and still others often have relatives who need to spend the night. Your lifestyle determines what kind of furniture set you will need and what zones it will form.

Zoning will help you decide which pieces of furniture to choose and what functions they should perform. For a quiet family living room, you will need a soft corner and a TV stand; if the room is used for reading and studying, you will need a desk and a bookcase or shelving unit, and if the room is combined with a bedroom, you cannot do without a convertible sofa bed. You will definitely need chairs and a table, especially if you plan to host lunches and dinners here.

Having decided on the required items, you need to start drawing up a plan. It will help you determine which sizes of upholstered furniture for the living room are best suited. The drawing should contain the length and width of the walls, the distance between windows and doors, the size of the doorway and even the baseboards - all this is needed to understand what size furniture set you will need to purchase. This is especially true for small rooms if they are used as dining rooms. This way it will become clear whether one sofa is enough or two are needed, whether a large dining table will fit or whether it is better to take a transformable one.

In addition to the dimensions, functionality and actual composition of the headset, you need to consider:

  • design;
  • body and upholstery materials;
  • color scheme;
  • style.

To ensure that the living room not only looks like the photo from design magazines, but also pleases every family member, it is better to choose furniture together, taking into account all the preferences and wishes.

Variety of modular walls for living rooms

New generation living spaces require practical additions. External and internal lighting, neat cantilever shelves, and special supporting devices will help turn ordinary cabinets into multifunctional, comfortable furniture sets. The range of finishing materials and color solutions is limitless. With their help, designers skillfully create and then offer consumers stylish living room sets that embody individuality and emphasize the taste preferences of the home owners.

The modern living room is a kind of “center” of any home. Modular designs are an advantageous option that has replaced oversized housing ensembles. Their use in design made it possible to expand the living space.

Headsets designed in the same style may include:

  • chests of drawers and cabinets,
  • shelving and cabinets of different formats,
  • pencil cases and multifunctional shelves.

Each of these elements is needed to store specific things.

A little advice: the selection of a modular kit should be made taking into account the geometry of the room space. It is important to consider the presence of zones in the room that will attract attention upon entry. For example, such areas include sections for installing television, audio and video equipment.

Features of furniture arrangement

To avoid mistakes, you need to take into account only 8 rules:

  • Size. Modern living rooms are not a flea market or a dump. There should be enough space to move around. Therefore, compact rooms need small furniture. In a large living room they will be alien, as they will create uncomfortable voids.
  • Set of functions. It is better to take multifunctional furniture, where 1 cabinet replaces 3 at once. They are better, if only because there will be no costs and there will be more space left.
  • Zoning. As mentioned, a modern-style room can also include a kitchen. But with mandatory zoning. The dining area should be cut off from the rest of the room by a small spatial gap.

  • Daylight. If the cabinet can only be placed near the window, closing the opening, it is better to abandon it altogether. You cannot block sunlight, even if the room does not allow you to install furniture anywhere else.

  • No massive walls. Soviet and post-Soviet sets are furniture monsters that, if they don’t eat up half the room, look very bulky.

  • Moreover, about 40% of their internal space is simply not used or it acts as a garbage buffer.
  • The width of passages must be at least 0.6 meters.
  • If armchairs are provided, then the distance to the sofa should be about 0.4 meters. This is necessary to maintain a useful distance while still being able to hear the conversation without difficulty.

  • The coffee table should be half a meter away from the sofa.

Why you should choose modular furniture for your living room

First of all, because compositions from modules of the same style allow you to tastefully furnish one of the main rooms of the house at minimal cost. This furniture is quite mobile. At the request of the owner of the house, it can be easily reinstalled from place to place, thereby modifying the interior of the house.

An equally important quality is functionality. Such designs are ideal for living rooms that simultaneously serve as dining rooms and recreation areas. Modular furniture is quite versatile. It has different shapes and parameters, thanks to which it allows you to select elements for arranging rooms with a non-standard layout.

Is a wardrobe needed in the living room?

If there are other rooms in the apartment, then this idea will not be practical. This type of wardrobe is suitable for installation in the bedroom, because this is where we choose clothes in the morning. Unfortunately, in Russian apartments there is often an example of combining the meanings of a room, when the wardrobe is placed in the living room. In such cases, straight and corner cabinets are indispensable.

The living room wardrobe as an element of a modular wall is suitable for one-room apartments

Modular systems include a low coffee table, which becomes an elegant decoration for the living room . For small rooms, the ideal option would be a table with pull-out cabinets and a shelf under the tabletop.

An interesting modular coffee table - a transformable option for the living room

Tips for selecting furniture sets from modules

Just like traditional cabinet furniture, modular living room furniture made in a modern style can be made not only from expensive materials, but also from varnished budget veneer, MDF, and chipboard. According to their characteristics, MDF products are a good, environmentally friendly replacement for natural wood. By the way, the fittings in such sets are most often identical to elite furniture ensembles.

When choosing sections, you should take into account the different opening mechanisms. Doors can be not only hinged, but also sliding – an indispensable quality for small rooms. Modules with shelves or glass display cases are in great demand today. According to designers, headsets of different heights are considered a good combination. With their help you can create unique, very beautiful interiors. Fashion trends also include the alternation of low chests of drawers and tall cabinets, equipped with internal and external lighting.

Where to buy living room furniture

You can purchase any furniture products ready-made or to order, including products in Italian, classic, modern and any other style, on the website. We produce furniture sets of any complexity, both according to our individually developed sketches, and according to yours, for example, according to photos of interior design or from our catalog.

Each piece that comes out of the hands of our craftsmen is unique and one of a kind, as it is made personally for the customer.

We work throughout Moscow, Zelenograd and the Moscow region, delivering finished furniture to your home.

Features and configuration rules

To design a living room, it is not necessary to purchase a complete set of modules. A modern interior can be created from individual elements, ready-made or custom-made. The number of modules included will depend on the buyer’s wishes and the size of the room.

The most popular today are modular compositions, which can be divided into two types:

  • Universal, recommended for rooms of different shapes and sizes. Such sets most often include a corner cabinet.
  • Directly intended, corresponding to the size and interior of a specific living room.

The versatility of the modules lies in the fact that it is easy to create different interior styles from them that will harmoniously fit into the overall design of the room. Purchasing modular structures will allow you to experiment and give the room your own special, unique style.

Important! Furniture sets of modules for the living room look most stylish if they are equipped with lighting and have original decorative details and fittings for the facade.

When creating practical furniture facades, decorative materials such as plastic, glass and metal are used. They give the finished structure a distinct stylistic focus, and do not require special maintenance efforts.

Furniture division for the hall

Modern modular walls for the living room are divided into several types:

  • with a specific purpose;
  • universal option

Those sets of furniture that have a direct purpose are made directly for a specific living room. Universal modular systems are suitable for installation in any residential area.

Advice! For homeowners who move frequently, professionals recommend purchasing universal modular systems. In this case, you do not have to select furniture for each specific room.

Having an idea of ​​the length of the room being decorated, you can choose a specific set that will optimally fit into a specific room.

Attention! When combining individual modules in the living room, first draw up the proposed project, and only then begin to implement your plans.

Preliminary thought over the appearance of the slide in a modern hallway will allow the apartment owner to harmoniously and originally decorate the living room. In order to create a romantic atmosphere in the room, you can use additional LED lighting on the furniture, select elements with original fittings and carved doors.

Modern trends in the design of modular interiors

Modular designs made from natural wood are always relevant. The natural shade of this material goes well with eco-style. Compositions made from wooden modules will perfectly complement mixed styles, such as classic with ethnic elements, or rustic with hi-tech. Neutral shades are appropriate for any room.

In the modern interior of living rooms, white furniture “walls” made of modules with a glossy or matte surface are increasingly found. A combination of neutral and black shades, for example, burgundy, dark green or cherry, also has the right to exist.

When determining the number of sections needed, purchasing cabinets, height-width of floor or hanging cabinets, different opening systems, you should take into account your own preferences. It is important to remember that the rational arrangement of shelves in cabinets and chests of drawers will help to optimally use the living space. This fact is especially important for small living rooms.

In a modular system, any asymmetry is allowed. Racks can differ from each other in height and width, be hinged or folding, have different depths, be installed or hung regardless of the style of the overall interior composition.

Design options for a modern wall in the living room

If you want your apartment to evoke a sense of admiration among your guests, and you yourself wouldn’t mind adding a little coziness and tranquility to your “corner,” take care of the stylistic direction of the interior.

  • Classic. The classic direction of the interior will be appropriate only if the living room in your home is wide and free, because classic furniture requires a lot of space in the room. In this case, the heavy, imposing wall will look presentable. The colorful palette of classicism shades is full, organic, but not flashy. Smooth outlines and clear geometric shapes are acceptable.

A classic wall in the living room is usually made of natural wood

  • Art Nouveau. He is extremely loyal and versatile. The base material is wood, but metallic material and double-glazed windows are not excluded. The concept includes a trellis. Avant-garde creates a flexible line.

Wall - slide in the living room is usually located at different levels of modules

  • Minimalism. The minimalist interior design style is expressive, with fastidious geometric shapes and a neutral color palette. The appearance of the living room wall is reduced to a minimum. Native tones predominate - lively wood, crystal metal or diaphonic glass, textiles are limited. This style varies depending on the type of room. The minimalism of the living room is complemented by a provocative variegation of colors in the form of multicolored miniatures and an emphasizing color tone. But don't go beyond five shades. All electrical equipment, a music player or a laptop monitor in the living room become an integral part of the furniture interior; in no case should you focus attention on them, they should be invisible. A wardrobe is perfect for maintaining a minimalist style. A modular wall containing multi-level structures will perfectly complete the exterior.

The wall in the living room in the minimalist style is usually small, interesting in shape and hides extra shelves

  • Art - deco. A direction that contains the detailing of many previously existing styles, so single items and the correct combination of them will play a role in decorating a room. The Art Deco living room is the main room in a home designed in this style. In an immense hall it will not be difficult to implement specific details. The avant-garde furniture is lined with genuine leather, the materials are decorated with rhinestones and artificial stones.

The wall in the living room in the art deco style looks avant-garde and elegant

  • Hi-tech. High-tech furniture is similar to minimalist. Simple configurations and clear contours, transportability, ease of use. Monochromaticity and the use of glossy avant-garde, individualization of details, glass doors in the wall are encouraged.

The wall in the living room in high-tech style involves a lot of plastic glossy surfaces

Tips from the designer

When choosing modular furniture for a living room in a modern style, be sure to take into account the overall appearance of the room. Designers advise fans of minimalism to opt for modules with a minimum number of shelves. Such designs will add airiness to the space and give a feeling of lightness. An excellent choice would be modular mini-walls, with a small set of elements.

Admirers of the classic style will definitely like sets with multifunctional modules in the form of cabinets and chests of drawers. The dimensions of such furniture do not affect its functions, while emphasizing the sophistication of the design of the living space.

Rough at first glance, furniture modules with a natural wood pattern will create comfort in any room.

When purchasing modular furniture, you should also consider the rules for choosing colors. Furniture painted in light colors, covered with veneer or laminated, will decorate any living room with its appearance and will fit perfectly with the design elements of small living rooms. Modules in dark shades are ideal for bright, spacious rooms. They will give them noble luxury.

Living room furniture options

Living room furniture can be cabinet, modular, upholstered, and the set can consist of a different number of items, which complicates the choice. You need to proceed from the capabilities of the house and the chosen style.

Cabinet furniture

Cabinet furniture has rigid bases made of panels, often solid wood. For the living room, walls, cabinets, and shelves are made in this form. They are often made collapsible to facilitate delivery and transportation when moving.

You can buy a cabinet wall to provide storage space for dishes, books, and accessories. Often it is also equipped with a niche for a TV. Such furniture in the living room can also serve as a closet for blankets, blankets, and seasonal items. It is ideal for spacious rooms. If the room is small, it is better to pay attention to racks and shelves.

For Khrushchev apartments in Moscow, instead of a wall, you can put a shelving unit in the living room. It is more compact, while books, CDs, lamps and accessories fit without problems. They may also have space for a TV. This set visually unloads the room, which is important for small apartments.

Cabinet furniture includes wardrobes and bookshelves. Modern products can be not only rectangular, but also angular, occupying the entire wall to the ceiling or only half of it.

In Moscow, you can buy cabinet furniture for the living room that meets all the requirements of modern style and quality on the website. Photos of each product are intended to simplify the choice:

Modular furniture

If you want to create a modern, stylish look for your living room, you should buy modular furniture. This includes sets consisting of display cases, bedside tables, cabinets, and composite sofas. They suit many styles and make it possible to freely arrange objects around the room, and, if necessary, change places by disassembling them into modules.

Such furniture looks modern and beautiful, it is multifunctional: bedside tables and shelves in the living room can be used as a TV stand or as a place to store small items. Other products can be used in the form of coffee tables and shelves at the same time.

Any options, including soft corners, mirrors, tables and chests of drawers, can be purchased to order in Moscow on the website. Photos confirm the variety of choices, which can be viewed below:

Cushioned furniture

The central part of the living room is traditionally upholstered furniture, consisting of armchairs and sofas. It can be either modern, made in intricate shapes and with upholstery of any shade and style, or classic, with strict outlines and high-quality materials. Sofas and sofas can be straight, corner, collapsible or solid, contain additional storage space or be equipped only with legs, seats and pillows.

To ensure that the living room interior retains its original appearance for many years, you need to carefully choose the upholstery. Sofas and armchairs should be non-marking. If furniture is used intensively, it is better to take a closer look at upholstery fiber. Real and faux leather are also durable, but they don't suit every style. Jacquard and velor are best left for products that are not used too often, because they require maintenance.

All types of upholstered furniture are easy to pick up in. The online store allows you to choose sofas and other products for any region of Moscow. Photo examples can be seen below:

Sofa in the living room

This is the first answer to the question of what furniture to put in the living room. Sofas are divided into two main subtypes:

  • folding;
  • non-folding.

Folding products are often equipped with a sleeping place, often also with shelves for storing things. They are ideal if the hall is used as a bedroom. Non-folding options have a simpler design, and therefore are often cheaper. Living room furniture made from solid wood has the best characteristics of strength and durability. Such sofas last for decades and the first few years of use fill the room with a light woody aroma.

On the website you can choose any typeface design. Below are photos of sofas for two, three or more seats, modular and cabinet options:

Living room wall

This is classic living room furniture. It is needed for storing and organizing all kinds of things and small things. When choosing, you need to focus on the dimensions of the room. Current walls do not always occupy the entire height from floor to ceiling; there are more compact and lighter options. Shelves can replace walls - they can also effectively accommodate books, souvenirs, flower pots, etc.

The highest quality living room furniture is made of wood. Solid wood walls last for decades, maintaining, with proper care, not only functionality, but also their original decorative effect. Products can also combine materials: the body is often made of chipboard or MDF, and the facade is made of natural veneer.

Wall options for any budget can be easily found on the Derevyagino website. Photos of walls for the living room and furniture of other categories make the choice easier:

Coffee table in the living room

This is an indispensable item when you need to put a newspaper, keys, TV remote control or phone somewhere for a while. It is also used as a place for tea drinking. The standard height of a coffee table is 50 cm, but if necessary, you can choose a higher option.

It can be either solid or folding. The second option is suitable for small rooms. This table easily turns into a dining table. It is often equipped with wheels, which increases mobility. Among modular living room furniture, its functions can be performed by low display cases.

Tables are made of glass, metal, any other materials, but wood is most preferable. Solid wood products are incredibly attractive; they demonstrate good taste and wealth. True, wooden furniture is more suitable for a living room in a classic style.

You can buy this version of a coffee table in Moscow Look at the photo to choose the table you like:

Armchairs in the living room

This is ideal furniture for a small living room, especially if the room is not designed for a large number of people. Armchairs can also be used instead of chairs in the dining area. When choosing a product, you need to pay attention to the depth and height of the seat: it should be comfortable. The seat should be 40-42 cm away from the floor. An exception is a chair for children, here you need to take into account the age of the child and how comfortable it is for him.

To ensure that living room furniture lasts as long as possible, it is better to give preference to products made from solid wood. It is precisely such items of ancient sets that have survived to this day. Chairs of any configuration are turned from wood: with or without legs and armrests, with wheels, with backrests of different heights, etc.

Any number of chairs for each style can be purchased at. We recommend looking at the photo to make the right choice:

Chairs and ottomans for the living room

You can’t do without them if you plan to gather guests or have dinner with the whole family in the hall.

Chairs are:

  • with and without armrests;
  • traditional or round;
  • with or without backrests;
  • with different numbers of legs;
  • solid or folding;
  • stationary or rotating;
  • plastic, metal, wood.

An option for fashionable living room furniture are ottomans. They often combine a seat with storage space. Books, toys, tools, and hobby equipment will fit inside. When choosing, the main thing is to focus on convenience and consistency with style.

recommends purchasing solid wood products. Such chairs and ottomans are always warm to the touch, elegant and durable. Photos can be seen below:

Wardrobes in the living room

When looking for an answer to the question of what furniture can be placed in the living room, the closet is rarely considered. However, it can be used not only for storing things, but also for visually enlarging the room - if you choose a light or mirrored option.

Cabinets are:

  • case and modular;
  • swing or compartment;
  • decorative or built-in;
  • clothes or books.

A cabinet with decor on the front is an example of classic furniture in a living room interior. It demonstrates the status of the owners of the apartment, but takes up a lot of space. If the room is small, it is better to choose lighter modular options that fit in any corner.

Built-in wardrobes are especially good for filling niches or shortening overlong rooms. Depending on the style and space used, you can choose either a hinged version or sliding doors. In rooms with a sleeping area, a wardrobe that transforms into a bed would be appropriate.

Often cabinets combine shelves for clothes and books, especially corner options. Facades can be mirrored, completely wooden or with glass inserts. Among the materials, wood is the most attractive. It combines aesthetic perfection and durability, especially if the living room is furnished with oak furniture. Such cabinets can survive more than one generation.

Thanks to the photographs, you can understand whether such cabinets are suitable for your living room or whether it is better to take a closer look at products of a different style:

Side tables and chests of drawers in the living room

Used when you need to store things without cluttering up the room. Chests of drawers are an ideal furniture option for a living room in a classic style. They are low, elegant and simple at the same time, drawers and shelves are suitable for clothes and any other things, and the upper part can serve as a shelf for accessories, keys, phones or flower pots.

Cabinets are good as TV stands. Television equipment is often complemented by players, set-top boxes that require discs and remote controls, so this living room furniture is equipped with shelves and drawers. You can choose a product with wheels to adjust the place for the most convenient viewing of a movie or show, or an alternative option is a rotating TV stand.

Dressers and cabinets are made of MDF, chipboard and solid wood. If you need safety and environmental friendliness, then wood is what you need.

“Derevyagino” offers to purchase such furniture not only in the classic style, but also in the modern one. Photos show the variety of choices:

An example of a standard modular living room design

Modular sets are a kind of designer that helps give the room convenience and individuality. The TV is most often located in the center of a standard living room. To install it, you can purchase a special stand or cabinet. The correct framing of the television panel will help create hanging open shelves with books, souvenirs and interior decorations placed on them.

For convenience, it is recommended to place a sofa opposite the television area. For modular standard rooms, instead of sofa structures, designers recommend purchasing transformable chairs. They can be moved into a single plane or placed around a coffee table.

The addition of a bar cabinet will definitely appeal to lovers of gatherings with cocktails. Collectors of collections of outlandish souvenirs will find it interesting to purchase a glass display cabinet. The presence of illumination from an advantageous side will demonstrate the grace and uniqueness of a painstakingly assembled collection.

In living rooms with sufficient space, you can install a closet to store personal belongings. A profitable solution is corner and straight cabinets with a sliding door system. Their spaciousness will allow you to maintain order in the room. Having a large number of shelves will help you organize both personal belongings and household items.


Modular living rooms - the truth is in the details

Modular furniture is the best way to achieve non-standard solutions, because such products look like a blank sheet of paper. They are always ready for your most daring experiments and are capable of transforming a space beyond recognition. However, only products assembled by professional craftsmen will serve for a long period of time, and their operation will not cause inconvenience. Easy-to-open cabinet doors, bedside tables, and the stability of structures in general are important details that, of course, should not be neglected.

Such furniture walls allow you to organize selected modules in any configuration convenient for you. At the same time, the use of open and closed shelves and cabinets will help to place all the necessary items that you are used to using.

They will hide unnecessary things from prying eyes and allow you to conveniently place a TV, video equipment or other equipment, which is so abundant in modern houses and apartments. With them it is possible to place even a huge number of household items so that at any time the necessary things are at hand.

Using modular furniture, you can also place your favorite souvenirs, decorative items, and original dishes in the most visible place, bringing sophistication and even luxury to the living room interior. It solves any question of how to choose the best option that will adequately complement the most important room in your home. Such products help to place the necessary accents; they fit seamlessly into modern design solutions, styles, and trends.

It is only important to remember that the quality of correctly assembled furniture is of great importance, which means that special attention should certainly be paid to this issue.

Modular furniture for the living room in a modern style 47 photo ideas:

Functional living room furniture

Modular furniture – unlimited possibilities

By choosing modular furniture, you can also perform the necessary zoning of the room. It is an almost perfect option for rooms decorated in the style of:

• functional minimalism;

• popular classicism;

• modern high-tech or modern;

• exquisite pop art;

• fashionable Scandinavian.

There is a unique opportunity to choose such furniture in the appropriate color scheme. Light colors of the products will fill your living room with light, give it weightlessness, and visually increase the space. The choice of models made in dark colors is an opportunity to add sophistication and style to the living room, especially if you choose the right accessories that create contrast and highlight the necessary nuances. The mobility of this furniture allows you to change an already boring interior simply by rearranging the modules. However, only competent assembly of the living room will contribute to this, since in the process of rearranging the furniture there will be no fear that poorly mounted doors will fall off or shelves will become skewed.

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