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  • 1 History of the futon
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  • 3 Fundamental difference
  • 4 What are futons and toppers made from?
  • 5 Futon or topper?

Although both futons and toppers are nothing more than thin mattresses, the difference between them is quite significant. The futon is a mattress with history, the topper is a new product in the sleep products industry. What other differences are there between futons and toppers?

Futon history

The idea of ​​​​creating a multi-layer futon belongs to the Japanese. Futon is a traditional premium bedding item, used since time immemorial. Typically made from cotton and wool fibers by hand. Despite the simplicity of the design, creating the accessory required a lot of time. An indispensable condition is the ability to twist.

Reference! A feature of Japanese culture, both in the past and to this day, is sleeping on the floor (or close to the floor), rolling up bedding every day and storing it hidden from prying eyes.

What types of toppers are there?

There are many types of these devices, the differences are as follows.

  • Case. The surface of the accessory can be made of natural material, such as cotton, calico or bamboo. Such fabrics are easy to care for and do not cause allergies, and also allow the mattress to “breathe”. Covers are often made from synthetic and semi-synthetic fabrics, which are highly wear-resistant and easy to clean. But most often there are combined options, when the outer part is made of natural fabrics, and the inner part is made of waterproof synthetics.
  • Filler. The topper can be filled with natural raw materials such as buckwheat husks or coconut coir, but there are also synthetic fillers such as polystyrene foam or polyurethane foam.
  • Size. This accessory is designed not only for large double beds; there are also small mattresses for children’s sofas or armchairs.
  • Height. As a rule, such mattresses have a thickness of 3 to 8 cm, and the larger this figure, the softer the accessory will be.
  • Density. Those who like to sleep on a soft bed should choose accessories filled with polyurethane foam, and if you need a relatively hard “bedding”, you should pay attention to bedding stuffed with coconut coir, seaweed or latex.
  • Folding method. In most cases, this device can be folded in the same way as a simple blanket and stored in a closet or linen compartment along with bedding. But there are types of accessories with a smooth and even surface that are difficult even to roll.

In addition to the listed advantages, the reason for the popularity of toppers is their relatively low cost. This accessory makes it possible to turn an old sofa into a soft and comfortable place to sleep for little money.

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Topper history

Topper is a relatively “young” accessory, not intended for independent use, but for laying on a sofa or mattress. This is why other names for toppers are “pumper” and “mattress topper”. The purpose of creating toppers is to improve or change the characteristics of the sleeping surface - softening, increasing rigidity, the desire to even out the sofa “relief”. Most topper models can be rolled up, but not all.

What are toppers and what types do they come in? Tips for choosing.

A topper is a thin springless mattress. It will not replace a full-fledged mattress, but it can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. These products are produced by many factories, so it is not difficult to find the optimal level of orthopedicity and anatomy.

It can be placed on a sofa or on another mattress that, for various reasons, is not suitable for you.

In what cases is it useful?

The topper is used to:

Topper or mattress protector?

Like a mattress cover, the topper is fixed using elastic bands.

The main function of a regular mattress cover is to protect the cover and mattress fillings from moisture, dust, and stains. The topper has another task - to make the sleeping place more comfortable, to ensure the correct position of the spine during sleep. Therefore, it is not entirely correct to compare these two accessories; each is good for certain purposes.

What to look for when choosing?

To ensure that the chosen item meets your expectations, we recommend that you evaluate it according to three criteria.

  1. Hardness level. The hardest thin mattresses help maintain the physiological position of the body during rest, thereby removing the static load from the joints and spine. These options are suitable for people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Models of medium and lower rigidity promote muscle relaxation, they are suitable for those who work a lot physically.
  2. Size. The length and width of the topper must coincide with the base to which it is attached, so that the fixation is reliable and it does not slide off the bed.
  3. Materials. The filling can be natural or artificial.

What are they made of?

The same fillers are used for their manufacture as for full-size mattresses.

Inexpensive and useful purchase

If a sofa or mattress has worn out, lost its orthopedic qualities and no longer suits you as a sleeping place, do not rush to spend money and change them.

An inexpensive topper will solve the problem - it will return your bed to its previous level of comfort and give it the necessary anatomy and orthopedic properties.

Sontelle Form Ergo Hall

2 181 ₽ (3 117 ₽)

Orthopedic, rigidity -, thickness 3 cm, layers - polyurethane foam (PPU), hallcon, low naturalness, folded storage - no. Warranty – 2 years. Country of origin: Russia Sontelle Form Massage

2 221 ₽ (3 174 ₽)

Orthopedic, hardness – soft, thickness 6 cm, layers – polyurethane foam (PPU), low naturalness, folded storage – yes Ormatek Eco Home

2 300 ₽

Orthopedic, hardness – medium hard, thickness 4 cm, layers – polyurethane foam (PPU), low naturalness, no storage when rolled up. Warranty – 18 months. Country of origin – Russia Promtex-Orient Ecopen 3 cm

2 373 ₽ (3 391 ₽)

Orthopedic, hardness – soft, thickness 4 cm, layers – polyurethane foam (PPU), low naturalness, removable cover, folded storage – yes

Fundamental difference

Futon is a multi-layer product with greater thickness. Toppers are thinner and, as a rule, monoblock (made from one layer of one material or another).

As mentioned above, the direct purpose of toppers is to improve the characteristics of the sleeping surface. Futons can also be used for this purpose. The use of futons is especially justified in cases where the sofa or mattress has obvious flaws - holes, humps, broken springs. A multi-layer futon with greater thickness will do a better job of “smoothing out” these imperfections.

However, unlike a topper, a futon can be used for sleeping on the floor. This topic is relevant for supporters of a healthy lifestyle who are convinced of the benefits of sleeping on a hard surface. A futon is also a necessary accessory for decorating a bedroom in an oriental style.

Definition and Benefits

A mattress topper is often confused with a mattress topper because both should be placed over the main mattress. The difference is that a mattress cover is just a cover that can protect bedding from dirt. A topper is a denser product that allows you to give the main mattress or sofa additional softness and comfort.

This orthopedic device is placed on top of the sofa, secured with special holders to prevent displacement.

Analyzing consumer reviews, we can conclude that the advantages of such an accessory are as follows:

  • the topper allows you to increase the comfort of the sleeping place;
  • helps maintain posture in the correct position, adapting to body shapes;
  • the accessory does not absorb moisture and does not attract dust;
  • the materials used in the manufacture of these devices almost never cause allergies.

In addition, such a mattress can be used not only on a sofa, but also for a bed or chair.


When choosing this accessory, it is important to pay attention to its filling. Despite the fact that manufacturers try to use the safest materials possible, some of them can cause allergic reactions - for example, when a mattress is stuffed with natural latex or coconut coir.

How to use the topper?

Topper is a mattress for a sofa or bed that can be used for the following purposes.

  • Protecting the mattress from dirt. The accessory, among other things, serves as a cover, preventing the penetration of dust and dirt, which is not easy to clean.
  • Extending the life of bedding. This accessory will allow you to avoid premature wear of the main mattress and rubbing of the fabric from which the cover is made.
  • Smoothing out uneven areas at the joints of sofa cushions. There are depressions on the surface of such a sleeping place, which does not add comfort, and an orthopedic device will eliminate this problem.
  • Increasing the comfort of your stay. If the sleeping place is squashed and springs stick out from the pillows, such an accessory will help cope with this situation and turn an uncomfortable sofa into a soft bed.
  • Softening the main mattress. If it's too hard, you can use a topper to make the bedding more comfortable. On the contrary, for a bed that is too soft, you can choose a hard topper.

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Thanks to these qualities, such accessories are invariably in demand and are becoming increasingly popular.

What are futons and toppers made from?

The layers of modern futons produced outside the Land of the Rising Sun are made not only from traditional materials - wool and cotton, but also from latex, coconut, polyurethane foam, flax, jute, and other modern materials.

Topper latex.

To make toppers, latex, polyurethane foam, memory foam, coconut, sisal, linen, holofiber, holkon, down, and others are used.

Topper: product features and purpose

A topper is a thin springless mattress that is placed on top of the mattress and then secured using special holders. It can be used for sofas, beds and armchairs. Operation outside the bed is also possible.

Advantages of a thin mattress topper:

  • increases the comfort of the sleeping place;
  • easily smooths out differences (gaps) between the halves of the sofa;
  • maintains the sleeping posture in an anatomically correct position;
  • has an ergonomic design (convenient transportation of the product);
  • ensures high hygiene of the sleeping place (protection from dust, dirt).

In addition to what has already been mentioned, it is also worth noting the use of modern hypoallergenic materials as fillers in the toppers. These products are designed, and most importantly, are capable of significantly increasing the service life of a mattress or sofa upholstery, preventing their rapid wear.

Its versatility allows us to recommend a thin mattress not only for sleeping, but also for yoga or gymnastics. In addition, there are models of toppers with silver-coated fibers, which provide an antistatic effect, that is, they remove electrical charge.

The topper is indispensable for families with small children. A thin mattress can be used to organize a play space. You can also take it on trips so that your child feels at home when preparing for bed and falls asleep calmly in unfamiliar conditions.

Futon or topper?

The layering of a futon makes it a more substantial and versatile piece. Combinations of materials allow you to achieve more varied variations in stiffness and create products with a “winter/summer” effect.

Topper is a budget item with a narrower purpose. Rigidity directly depends on the type of material used as filler and the thickness of the product. The choice is yours!

Topper for a bouquet of flowers

Floristry is developing by leaps and bounds, and new forms and decorative elements are increasingly appearing. Nowadays you won’t surprise anyone with a bouquet of flowers in a transparent film, tied with a matching ribbon. There are a million options for decorating bouquets using the most incredible materials. When ordering flowers, you can choose how you will decorate the bouquet. Each florist has a variety of materials for decoration in his arsenal - from satin ribbons to unusual nets, fabrics and figures. All this is necessary for the bouquet to be truly unique and interesting. It should be remembered for a long time and make the right impression. The trend towards uniqueness allows you to add very personal details to the bouquet, which only close people can understand and will show your attitude towards them. With the help of decor you can express feelings and wishes to a person.

Nowadays, florists often offer to add a topper to a bouquet of flowers. But what is it?

In English, topper means the top of something.

In floristry, a topper is a sign made of plastic or plywood with an appeal or congratulations. It is attached to a long skewer and inserted into the bouquet between the flowers.

Why do you need a topper in bouquets?

  • it makes the bouquet original and stylish;
  • it shows a special attitude towards the person for whom the bouquet is intended;
  • it complements the composition of the bouquet;
  • he expresses your emotions;
  • it can be kept as a keepsake, even when the flowers have already withered.

When buying a bouquet for loved ones, it is important to know the person’s tastes and preferences and understand which flowers are suitable for a particular occasion. And to choose a decor, you can find an interesting topper with a warm inscription. To ensure that the topper fits perfectly with the chosen bouquet, pay attention to the material and color. You can also choose the language in which the inscription will be made. In any case, there is room for imagination. A bouquet of the most beautiful roses for your beloved can be accompanied by a declaration of love on the topper. And flowers for a birthday can be decorated with a topper with a wish.

The topper can become a substitute for a postcard in a bouquet, especially since it will be preserved better and will become an original piece of interior decor and will remind you of a wonderful gift. In addition, the topper can then be used to decorate cakes for the holidays or for photo shoots. And by ordering flowers delivered to your home and adding a topper “for mommy” or “beloved wife”, you will show your loved ones who the bouquet is from. Every girl will be happy with such a surprise.

In the online flower store "Klumba55" you can choose a bouquet of flowers for any occasion and find the perfect topper for it. A large assortment of flowers in the catalog will allow you to choose the flowers that your loved one loves most. And to make the bouquet stylish, you can purchase an interesting design option and a topper. It will make the gift original and truly unforgettable.

Main differences?

Futons and toppers https://e-matras.ua/matrasy/filter/futonytoppery-0-0-191-1 have a similar design - they are thin (3-10 cm), easily rolled into a roll, and take up little space when folded .
However, initially the purposes of their use and purpose were different. The first is part of a traditional Japanese bed, which also included a blanket and pillow. The futon practically replaced a bed for the Japanese. Moreover, it was not accessible to everyone, but only to wealthy segments of the population. Topper (in English top) means a covering or top covering on something. As a rule, it was also used for a sleeping place, but it was placed on a bed or sofa to level the surface and make it more comfortable for sleeping. Modern manufacturers have mixed these concepts, so products can be used for both purposes. However, often the topper is thinner and consists of 1-2 layers of filling. A futon is taller and has a multi-layer construction. The Japanese usually used cotton or bamboo fibers as fillers, but today manufacturers also use:

  • coconut coir;
  • latex;
  • memory foam;
  • polyurethane foam;
  • thermal felt.

Some models in their properties are equivalent to a full-fledged orthopedic mattress, only they are cheaper and more compact. When choosing a flooring, pay attention to its weight; the heavier, the better it will smooth out unevenness, and the less surface defects will be felt by your body.

Topper and mattress: main differences

A buyer who is faced with choosing a topper for the first time will certainly have a question: how to distinguish it from a mattress? In fact, these two products have many differences:

  1. Thickness. A topper is a thin mattress that is used as an addition to a sleeping area. Therefore, its thickness, as a rule, ranges from 2 to 8 cm.
  2. Springs can only be found on mattresses. But the topper consists of only one or several layers of filler and a cover.
  3. Functionality. A topper, unlike a mattress, can be used as a main sleeping place in exceptional cases - for example, in a cradle or small crib, where a large height of the product is not required. The main purpose of the topper is to adjust the surface of the sleeping area, that is, to serve as an addition to the mattress.
  4. Fixation. Most topper models have special elastic loops for easy attachment to the mattress. Needless to say, mattresses, of course, do not have such means of fixation.

Toppers are convenient and practical to use, which determines their wide popularity, including for organizing a comfortable space for a child to sleep. The variety of fillers, shapes, sizes, levels of hardness, density and thickness of products presented in the catalog of the Mattress-Barabas online store allows you to choose the best solution for a user of any age and weight category.

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