Chairs for the kitchen: TOP 100 new designs from the 2020 kitchen furniture catalog

Advantages of chairs

Traditionally, kitchen chairs are placed at the table. But besides them, stools that take up little space or benches that line the walls can be used as seats. However, the choice of chairs also gives kitchen users certain positive features:

  • Firstly, the chairs have a back on which you can lean your elbows;
  • Secondly, despite the backrest, thematic seats fit perfectly onto the table, going under the edge of the tabletop;
  • Thirdly, different specimens have a certain design and composition, which with a high degree of probability allows you to harmoniously arrange the kitchen space and comfortably spend your time inside it.

Chairs are not as compact as stools, but they are still portable. And compared to bulky shops, themed products are even a gift. Moreover, no one forbids combining dining chairs for the kitchen with a corner bench or sofa.

Wooden chairs for the kitchen

Wood is a malleable material to process and requires care and thrift. Kitchen chairs made from it are elegant, just like metal ones, suitable for any style. The advantages of wooden furniture are:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • reliability;
  • maintainability;
  • convenience.

Wood is a natural material that brings peace and silence to the home. The solid wood contains no harmful impurities or inclusions, so the furniture is safe for children. Metal is stronger than wood, but kitchen chairs are not inferior in reliability. It depends on the skill of the carpenter and the quality of the product. Repairing wood products is done with your own hands without special equipment. The disadvantage for the kitchen is sensitivity to humidity and temperature changes. Dents remain on the frame after impacts, which can be hidden with putty and painting. To ensure that the appearance attracts attention, the paintwork of the kitchen chair is periodically updated. A warm floor evaporates moisture from the wood, which violates the geometry of the product and its strength.

The height of a wooden chair can be for dining or bar. The first type is common in everyday use in the kitchen. It has a high back and a wide seat. The weight is adjusted to your height so that your feet are on the floor and your knees are bent at right angles. If you have a bar counter in the kitchen, you cannot do without the second type. They are perfect for a snack or a cup of tea. You won’t be able to sit on them for a long time, because the leg muscles become tense.

In the manufacture of a wooden frame the following is used:

  • Red tree;
  • oak;
  • nut;
  • Hevea;
  • pine;
  • birch.

The first type of wood is luxury and style. Suitable for a classic interior, with inlay and carvings. Oak stands out for its reliability and durability. Solid oak chairs will last two decades or more. Shades from gray to dark beige are emphasized with stain and varnish. The disadvantage is the price and weight of the products. Walnut will fit into the modern shade. It is as strong as oak, but the price is lower. Hevea furniture is the choice for the kitchen. The wood is not afraid of pests and is resistant to moisture. The resins have an antiseptic effect, and the dense structure does not allow moisture to pass through.

Kitchen chairs made of solid birch are durable, but the wood absorbs moisture, which shortens the service life of the products. The furniture is suitable for large kitchens where the dining table is not located next to the stove or washbasin. The operational period is extended by impregnation or paint coating. The structure of pine attracts with its lines. The array can be processed, so it is easy to give it the desired shape. The resin remaining in the wood repels pests. The price of products made from pine is lower than those made from walnut and oak.

Chair design

In appearance, the chair is a seat with a backrest on four legs. But a design that is simple at first glance can please you with a host of other useful elements:

  • Soft upholstery;
  • Tsargi;
  • Back bar;
  • Inserts;
  • Pneumatic mechanism.

The latter is demonstrated by bar stools for the kitchen, the height of which must be adjusted depending on the height of the user and the height of the tabletop. Soft upholstery softens operation.

The drawers are designed to fix the legs, while the crossbar serves as additional support for the upholstery and the user, respectively. Inserts are rubber or plastic elements that are placed on the ends of the legs so that the latter do not leave dents on the flooring.

Benefits of an upholstered kitchen chair

Before you go shopping, you should get a clear idea about this piece of furniture, find out its features, pros and cons.

A product with a pillow at least 4 cm thick is considered a soft chair. The back can remain rigid or be upholstered. Seat size: depth of at least 45 cm, width of 40 cm. Such parameters are considered normal for an adult, but to make sure, it is advisable to sit on the model you like.

The advantages of products with a soft seat are as follows:

  • variety of options in design, size and construction;
  • functionality;
  • practicality;
  • convenience.

One disadvantage is that the addition of upholstery and padding adds weight to the upholstered chair, but not so much that it becomes difficult to move. Another disadvantage is the need for regular cleaning. A soap solution is used for the skin, and soft fabric inserts are vacuumed.

Chair upholstery and stuffing

The finished chair can always be supplemented with a soft seat and back. Moreover, both elements are made by upholstering the finished filler, i.e. paddings. The latter are used:

  • Polyurethane foam;
  • Polystyrene;
  • Foam rubber;
  • Sintepon;
  • Comfortel;
  • Durafil.

But for the upholstery, synthetic fabric is used, which does not wear out from the humid and hot microclimate. These types of textiles include:

  • Lavsan;
  • Spandex;
  • Vistra;
  • Fleece;
  • Softshell.

There are also universal combined fabrics that make kitchen chairs with soft seats not too expensive and capricious to the microclimate of the thematic space.

In addition to fabric, you can use leather or leatherette. But the corresponding material is more suitable for chairs for a study or office. After all, the skin itself is solid and capricious. Therefore, even a special cover will not save it inside the kitchen.

Back and seat

The seat or backrest blanks are most often based on pressed furniture plywood with a large thickness or particle boards. The material is budget-friendly, accessible and has good performance. Copes perfectly with the intended load. According to the method of further design, the following categories of rigidity are distinguished:

  • Increased softness. A generous layer of filler is placed on the workpiece. Next, everything is decorated with soft upholstery. They are distinguished by increased comfort and comfortable seating. The price tag for the product increases;
  • Medium hardness. The filler layer is minimal. Or use varieties with a higher level of rigidity. Natural materials such as horsehair or coconut coir work well. Covering with fabric, leatherette or genuine leather is also provided. Such chairs last longer and sag less under the weight of a person. But, sitting on them is less comfortable;
  • Tough. In this case, there is no filler at all. The seat part is either simply covered with fabric or left open altogether. In this case, the material is decorated with polishing, furniture varnish, a layer of polymer or other decorative coating. It is very difficult to sit on such a chair for a long time. But the prices will be the most economical.

When choosing upholstery, it is worth considering not only design features. The kitchen is a room where oil suspensions, steam and other pollutants are regularly present in the air. Fabrics with water-repellent impregnations are good. You should also give preference to non-staining fabrics. Any pattern will suit you, although plain fabrics also look great in the kitchen interior. Do not choose fleecy upholstery (velor, flock, velvet). They become wrinkled very quickly, become shiny, and dust settled on the grease is extremely difficult to remove.

Metal-plastic chairs

If the target audience requires strength and reliability, then you should rely on metal chairs for the kitchen. It is clear that the rigid material is only on the supporting frame. This metal is mainly steel, which can be:

  • Solid or hollow (pipe);
  • Straight-line (profile) or rounded - if the supporting frame is made of pipes;
  • Thin- or thick-walled;
  • Galvanized, alloyed, standard;
  • Matte, silver, patina.

Therefore, even metal chairs can bend and break, although the risk of corresponding damage is not as great as in the case of wooden counterparts. Another thing is corrosion. If the steel is not galvanized, then rust on its surface will make itself felt already in the first years of operation.

To avoid this, the theme material must be treated or replaced with other more corrosion-resistant metals such as bronze. But this replacement is more relevant for stylish chairs that are used inside luxury dining rooms.

Materials from which the chairs are made

The choice of material depends on the available budget, your own preferences, and environmental considerations. Let's consider the most popular manufacturing materials, their pros and cons. And you can make sure which option is right for you.

The choice of material depends on the available budget, your own preferences, and environmental considerations.


This is the most used material. The tree was used to build lavas, when chairs were unheard of. Now this material is suitable for creating a frame or a full-fledged product. Keeping your budget in mind, keep in mind that these products are made from solid wood or wood-based materials. The latter, of course, will be cheaper.

Wood has many advantages:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • cheapness;
  • big choice;
  • durability.

Only the last point can be a disadvantage, since if chosen or cared for incorrectly, wooden chairs will not last for a long time. Also, rotating models are not made from this material.

Also, rotating models are not made from this material.


High-back leather chairs for the kitchen can be considered true luxury. Especially if the upholstery is made of genuine leather. Typically, in such models, the frame is made of metal, and the upholstery is made of leather or leatherette.

High-back leather chairs for the kitchen can be considered true luxury.

Advice! For the kitchen, leatherette upholstery is better suited, since the conditions in this room are unsuitable for natural leather.

A high-quality substitute can also last a long time. It will cost much less and will last longer under these conditions. The big advantage of leather chairs is that you can change the upholstery while leaving a durable frame.

The big advantage of leather chairs is that you can change the upholstery while leaving a durable frame.


Metal is mainly used to make swivel chairs for the kitchen, bar models and frames for upholstery.

Pros of metal chairs:

  • strength;
  • durability;
  • ease of care;
  • there is the possibility of manufacturing rotating models and transformers;
  • cheapness.

Soft chairs for the kitchen

Soft models are also common options; they are comfortable, beautiful, and manufacturers offer a huge selection of models.

Soft models are also common options; they are comfortable, beautiful, and manufacturers offer a huge selection of models.

Advice! If there is a cat in the house, it is better to refuse soft chairs.

The following is used as upholstery for such models:

  • flock;
  • jacquard;
  • leatherette;
  • suede leather;
  • velours;
  • mat;
  • microfiber;
  • chenille;
  • tapestry.

A cheap option would be matting and leatherette. Flock, suede and velor are often used. They suit many modern styles as well as antique ones. Jacquard is a very beautiful fabric, however, it is expensive and is only suitable for classics.

Flock, suede and velor are often used. They suit many modern styles as well as antique ones.

Plastic and transparent

Plastic is the scourge of modern society. He surrounds us everywhere. If the environmental side of the issue is important to you, you should not buy plastic chairs. If this issue is not urgent, then consider interesting options.

If the environmental side of the issue is important to you, you should not buy plastic chairs.

Plastic somewhat reduces the cost of the appearance of the kitchen. But this effect can be removed by choosing carefully. By purchasing high bar stools made of plastic, you do not risk making the decor look cheap. When choosing, give preference to white. A transparent chair would also be an interesting solution. In addition to plastic, it can be made of plexiglass, but in this case, it will be much heavier.

Plastic somewhat reduces the cost of the appearance of the kitchen. But this effect can be removed by carefully choosing

Combined chairs

So that the target audience could buy chairs for the kitchen while spending as little money as possible, furniture makers began to combine several materials in one product. In the design of chairs you can comply with:

  • Wood and chipboard;
  • Wicker and wood;
  • Metal and plastic;
  • Metal and fiberglass.

Do not confuse fiberglass with traditional glass. The latter does not withstand greater loads compared to the former. By the way, fiberglass is often used in greenhouses, gazebos and pavilions. In particular, we are talking about monolithic and cellular polycarbonate.

Photo of kitchen chairs in the interior



Even the most modestly sized kitchen includes a dining area. Chairs are not luxury. This is an opportunity to slowly and healthily enjoy the process of eating.

Bar chairs

Studio apartments are no longer a rarity. They come with open kitchen and living areas. Sometimes only furniture serves as a limiter indicating the purpose of a particular space. And if the bar counter serves as this limiter, then it must certainly be supplemented with bar stools, which are characterized by:

  • Round seat (not found in all models);
  • Low back or no back;
  • High legs so that the user can freely lean on the tabletop;
  • Pneumatic mechanism for raising and lowering the seat;
  • Limited number of legs - one to three units.

Today, the kitchen chair store offers any bar seat configuration. Therefore, the thematic choice can be difficult only due to the large assortment.

How to choose the right quality chairs?

If you decide to buy chairs in a store rather than have them made to order, remember a few rules that will help you make a good choice.

If you decide to buy chairs in a store rather than have them made to order, remember a few rules that will help you make a good choice.

1. Quality is usually expensive. This truth is not always true, however, when it comes to furniture, it works unconditionally. Even the chief designer of the famous brand Ikea says that do not expect high-quality furniture for a low price. 2. Manufacturer. Study the reputation of manufacturing companies and customer reviews. Choose trusted sources. The best furniture is made in Italy, Germany, Canada, Sweden. However, among Russian and Chinese brands you can also find decent options. 3. Maintain quality. Do not hesitate to carefully examine the product before purchasing for any defects. Also ask the seller for a quality certificate.

These three simple rules will help you choose the right quality product.

Transformable chairs

A cramped kitchen is a common phenomenon in domestic apartments. Although chairs can be placed against a table, their backs definitely interfere with movement within the problem space. In order not to cling to themed products when moving, it is better to abandon them altogether in favor of transformable chairs. These models:

  • They are folded like a book (two planes of the structure are combined into one);
  • When folded, it is very easy to carry and store;
  • Have little weight;
  • They consist mainly of artificial materials - metal, plastic, particle board.

Moreover, there are matching chairs with backrests for the kitchen. True, there is no upholstery. But is it worth paying attention to this if saving space is at stake? In addition, the seat can be softened with a pillow or fabric.

Upholstery materials and fillings

The quality and appearance of chairs depends on the upholstery material and filling. Most often, models are offered whose soft elements are covered with leather, its substitutes, or fabric.

Upholstery materials for kitchen furniture must meet a number of requirements:

  • strength;
  • crease resistance;
  • immunity to moisture and dirt;
  • easy care.

The best option for durability and wear resistance is genuine leather. Chairs with leather seats look luxurious. However, their cost is high and beyond the means of most people.

Faux leather is rougher, but is available in a wide range of colors, imitates the texture of natural material, and has a pleasant price. Unfortunately, over time, such upholstery cracks, peels and requires replacement.

Eco-leather is more reminiscent of the first option, but its small thickness is not able to withstand intensive use and quickly loses its presentation. The material is highly susceptible to mechanical damage.

Upholstery fabrics for the kitchen undergo special treatment (Teflon spraying and impregnation) and cope well with adverse factors. A variety of patterns, textures, and colors allows you to choose furniture to suit any interior.

The upholstery should also be combined with other textile elements: tablecloth, curtains, lampshade.

For soft chairs, both natural fillers (felt, down, horsehair) and artificial ones (foam rubber, polyurethane, synthetic winterizer, Asselex, Periotek, spunbond) are used.

Foam rubber and synthetic padding are the cheapest options, they sag a lot and quickly lose their shape. Asselex has increased elasticity, and spunbond and Periotec are considered the first in terms of hypoallergenicity.

Additional equipment in the form of a spring block will make the seat softer and more comfortable.

Decorating will give the furniture a unique look, allow you to better combine chairs with other interior items, and make changes to your usual environment.

A kitchen chair with a soft seat can be decorated with a fabric cover. It will also help protect the upholstery from dirt. The material is chosen depending on the overall design style of the room.

The frame elements are painted with acrylic paints or varnished.

Using the decoupage technique it is easy to change the look of furniture. For these purposes, use images on paper napkins or fabric.

Other methods of decoration: gilding, aging, applying an interesting design.

Matching the design of the chairs to the interior

Of course, kitchen chairs should be chosen based on their surroundings. It’s even better if the chairs come with a table. Then the task of equipping the kitchen properly becomes easier. True, the target audience will have to be guided by:

  • Space - the smaller the kitchen area, the more functional or compact the seats should be (in particular, we are talking about folding or small models);
  • A furniture set (if the chairs and table are made of the same material as the kitchen set, then the design of the finished kitchen looks very advantageous);
  • Tabletop and window sills (this point applies more to the table, the tabletop of which should be similar to the tabletop of the set and the window sill);
  • Textiles (the upholstery must match the curtains and tablecloths).

If you want to buy chairs for the kitchen inexpensively, you can abandon the natural composition and upholstery. But this is unlikely to have a positive effect on the visual perception and operation of the dining set.

Types of structures

There are several types of chairs with soft seats of different designs.

  • Dining model. The most common option. Features straight legs. The shape of the back is smooth, curved, repeating the atomic curves of the body. Sometimes the chair is complemented by armrests. This is appropriate in a large kitchen or a separate dining room.
  • Bar stool. This product goes well with the stand. It has high legs and a crossbar to support the legs. Stability is provided by widely spaced supports or a central axis with a large diameter round base. The back can be high or low. Some models provide height adjustment, which allows you to combine such furniture with a bar counter and a regular table.
  • Stool. This type is a prototype of a chair. It consists of a seat and legs, suitable for small kitchens. Despite the soft seat, it is hardly suitable for long periods of time. Due to the need to save space, you will have to accept the loss of comfort. The height of the product usually does not exceed 45 cm, which allows them to be stored under the table.

Optimal number of chairs

Another important question is how many chairs should I buy along with the kitchen table? To answer this, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Number of family members;
  • The age of each family member;
  • Kitchen area;
  • Kitchen table dimensions.

For a small family, three chairs will be enough. But even if the number of family members is five to nine people, this is not a reason to buy a chair for everyone. After all, small children sit better on their parents’ laps and on comfortable chairs with steps.

In addition, dining inside the kitchen usually attracts a limited number of people. And if the kitchen is small, then instead of two or three chairs it is more profitable to install a corner sofa or bench. Moreover, this approach is relevant provided that the kitchen table itself is large.

And since this is rare, chairs for a small kitchen usually have to be purchased for the table separately or together with the table, if their number is no more than three units.

Original kitchen chairs

There is an opinion that the kitchen is designed for convenient cooking, but not for comfortable relaxation. However, bar and folding chairs, combining original design and different functions, indicate the opposite. Although besides them there are other universal models:

  • Folding chairs with steps;
  • Products with shelves instead of drawers;
  • Folding chairs with telescopic legs;
  • Forged analogues with armrests.

Not all of the listed models are as comfortable as soft chairs for the kitchen, but they can give a head start when carrying and storing various things. And inside the kitchen, these features are not superfluous, because thematic space is often cramped and cluttered with supplies.

And if products that have an open or closed shelf instead of drawers do a good job of storing cans, then a folding chair with steps allows the child to climb up to sit. Although this model also turns out to be useful for storing various cans and more.

Photos of chairs for the kitchen

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