Bathroom interiors in a modern style - new items and trends 2020


When starting a renovation, you need to pay attention to current proposals in interior design. Bathroom design in 2020 will include unexpected colors and textures, natural materials, restraint and functionality.

Fashion is not limited to a certain style; the only limits are the style of the entire apartment in general.

An interesting solution would be to combine the bathroom with a common room in the case of a studio or add a window to provide natural light.

A window opening is not at all a mandatory requirement for modern design in a bathroom; you can simply use more light sources.

By the way, combined bathrooms are gaining popularity, since this approach provides an increase in space and the number of design solutions.


When choosing finishing materials, the key factor should be the environmental friendliness of the interior. Modern designers therefore prefer to decorate bathrooms using natural stone or natural wood.

These options can be supplemented with impact-resistant glass surfaces. The use of such material is considered as one of the trends. A shower corner can be made from it.

When organizing finishing work, you can use another trending solution, which involves the measured use of decorative plaster.

Around the washbasin, preference is still given to the lining:

  • stone;
  • ceramic tiles.

The choice of plumbing fixtures depends not only on the 2019-2020 fashion trends in interior design, but also on the size of the bathroom in the apartment, interesting new products, as in the photo, ensuring the preservation of free space, a combination of comfort and aesthetics.

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Choosing materials for the bathroom

The result of the repair depends on the very initial choices, that is, materials. Environmental friendliness is the motto of the year, so we should pay attention to stone, marble in particular, glass, wood, and metal.

Concrete will be a shocking solution. Eternal classics in the form of ceramics will not lose their relevance. Looking through photos of new bathroom designs for 2020, apartment owners have many questions.

Bathroom design in 2020

Boldness of colors

Transformation of the geometry of the room, play of light, minimalist decoration and monochrome palette - such solutions are the most popular in 2020, they can be used regardless of the chosen style. The calm colors of the interior can be revived, for example, by yellow frames on mirrors, bright decorative items or accessories.

Combination of different collections in one area

Modern trends involve a combination of various collections of ceramic coatings. If earlier designers recommended purchasing floor and wall tiles from the same collection, today original “combinations of incompatible things” are fashionable.

New game of old styles

In design, it is worth using an aged texture in the finish, for example, with a crackle effect or a rusty coating. In 2020, many designers prioritize retro style.

Bathroom design in 2020

Natural materials and minimalism in details

New trends involve the use of stylized patterns and various textures. The most popular materials are those that resemble natural surfaces - granite, concrete and wood. Accessories and decorative items in a bathroom design should be kept to a minimum.

Bathroom design in 2020

Fireplace in the bathroom

Let's say thank you to the British for this idea. They know how to create a truly classic and thoughtful bathroom interior. 2020 is no exception.


It would seem that a more inappropriate option could not be found. Fortunately, modern materials are impregnated against moisture and other destructive influences.

The use of wood for finishing will add warmth and comfort to the bathroom, as well as the application of the environmental trend. An attempt to combine wood with white tiles will be crowned with success, but ignoring other materials will give the effect of a bathhouse.

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The combination of wood and marble is the choice of connoisseurs of sophistication, luxury and nobility.


This material meets the taste of fans of minimalism. Concrete is suitable for those who design a bathroom in a Scandinavian style or a loft. Artificial asceticism will add a touch of charm.

It’s interesting that both walls and plumbing fixtures and accessories can be made of concrete. Glass will be indispensable in the duet, and you can accent the interior with black sanitary ware.

Wall design

For wall decoration, the most famous designers advise choosing large-sized tiles in order to reduce the number of seams, in combination with small mosaics - adding bright accents in the form of unusual patterns. Natural stone looks great, both on walls and in flooring.

To more clearly decide on the design, we recommend looking at photographs of a fashionable bathroom.

Furniture for a modern bathroom

Furniture in a modern, stylish bathroom should combine discreet minimalism and functionality.

Typically, cabinets, cabinets and shelves are placed in the bathroom to store a variety of household and hygiene products and other things. Experts advise choosing the most concise options.

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After looking at the photo of the 2020 bathroom design, you can conclude that the best solution is a single, but highly functional cabinet for storing everything you need.

To achieve maximum minimalism, you can decorate the closet to match the rest of the room, hide it in a ledge.

A hanging cabinet is not just a very comfortable piece of furniture for a fashionable bathroom, but also a big trend this year. High capacity does not affect the volume and massiveness.

The spaces will add open shelves or bookcases due to their suspension in the air.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

If you have a spacious bathroom, it is much easier to take into account trends and anti-trends in the design of 2019-2020, and implement the most unexpected design ideas when decorating the interior.

What should owners of bathrooms with medium and small square footage do? Creative designers have not left such small spaces without attention. It is quite possible to create an amazing bathroom design of 3 and 4 square meters. m, if you use the open plan technique. Of course, this option is not suitable for everyone.

It can be used if:

  • the bathroom is located in the apartment next to the bedroom;
  • A single person or a couple without children lives in the apartment.

Open plan reception involves:

  • removing the interior wall between the bathroom and bedroom;
  • placement of a translucent screen, which will act as a zoning element for the resulting huge space.

This idea is especially welcomed by connoisseurs of the loft style.

Bathroom lighting

Experience shows that a room of this kind cannot be equipped with just one lamp, unless, of course, we are talking about complete comfort and thoughtfulness.

Those with a spacious bathtub with a window opening will still need artificial light, and those with a small or standard bath will have to think about additional tiers.

The ceiling should be crowned with a basic light source in the form of a lampshade or several lamps.

Additional lamps will help divide the space and divide it into zones. These could be floor lamps, sconces or other options.

In addition to lighting, they perform a decorative role, it is worth remembering this.

Bathroom Ideas 2020: Furnishings

Of course, it’s not enough to choose beautiful furniture. The way you arrange furniture can (and should!) also be original – which is what some new bathroom ideas for 2020 are based on. We will also look at another “weapon” of mass functionality from the arsenal of a modern bathroom – cabinets and bedside tables.

  • First, let's note that the influence of the Art Deco style on the design of modern bathrooms is enormous. Rather, we can talk about a revival of style. It is characterized by gloss and symmetry, however, the latter is now optional.

  • The most trendy solution is a free-standing bathtub. These were popular just during the heyday of the Art Deco style. Their advantage is greater freedom regarding the location of the bathroom in the room and an emphasis on the beauty of the tap and mixers (which you should definitely take advantage of!). Often, designers place the bathtub right in the middle, emphasizing its dominant functional and aesthetic role in the interior ensemble.
  • Next to the bright original bathroom you can place a low decorative chair or stool. But this is optional.
  • As a rule, there is a washbasin near the wall. This year you can add ornate paired washbasins. The main trends include sinks on a shiny pedestal, as well as eco or bionic models built into a monolithic slab. The slab is usually made of black steel or marble.
  • Don't forget about elegant small cabinets or a nightstand. The most popular options are also made in the Art Deco style, richly decorated with geometric patterns and gilding.

Bathroom accessories

In addition to being decorative, accessories also have a practical meaning. Each detail risks overloading the interior or getting out of the overall composition, so this aspect should not be overlooked.

If the bathroom decoration is done concisely, then accessories can become accents. A familiar soap dish and towel hooks can become a highlight of the interior and add life to it.

Unusual plumbing fixtures of an original shape or color will bring a special approach.

The aesthetics promised by fashionable bathroom designs in 2020 will be brought by a decorative element of art, such as a panel or painting.

Beautiful bathroom on a small budget

Modern bathrooms are usually small, so it is not always easy to choose a suitable interior and implement all the ideas, as in the photo from 2020. However, in an “economy class” bathroom you can not only wash yourself, but also enjoy time spent alone with yourself.

In order to inexpensively and practically cover the walls of the bathroom, you can use plastic panels - among other things, they will help to further level the surface of the walls. Such panels make the bathroom design modern and neat. In this case, you can use not just one type of plastic panels, but combine them.

Wall decoration in the bathroom with PVC panels

The bathroom floor does not have to be covered with tiles - linoleum is also suitable, despite the high humidity of the room. However, all joints must be properly sealed. At the same time, you can successfully combine dark linoleum and light walls - this way even the smallest room will visually look taller and larger.

As for the bathroom itself, steel ones are the most durable, and their cost is very reasonable. Craftsmen cover the entire lower surface of the bathtub with polyurethane foam so that it does not make noise. And then they cover it with a tiled box - and the aesthetics are maintained.

With a combined bathroom, you can place the tiles only up to half the wall, in its lower part, where moisture most often appears. The top can simply be painted with water-based paint or a film can be glued on. It is also enough to whitewash or paint the bathroom ceiling.

If the small toilet is not combined with the bathroom, then you can deal with it even easier. Since the toilet itself does not have the same humidity and high temperature as in the bathroom, washable wallpaper is perfect for its decoration. It will be beautiful and cozy - after all, not everyone is inspired by cold tiles in the toilet room.

Wallpaper instead of tiles and panels in the toilet

A very profitable option for decorating a bathroom, no matter whether it is with or without a toilet, is self-adhesive film. Here you have a huge scope for imagination. It can be combined with tiles or panels, you can cover the entire wall with it if there is practically no moisture on it, or you can cut out individual elements from the film and decorate the bathroom with them.

Thus, thanks to this simple material, you have the opportunity to recreate almost any style without special financial costs.

The modern bathroom interior in 2020 includes a wide range of ideas: both for Khrushchev and for a private house, you can choose suitable photo designs and, focusing on them, make your bathroom “candy.”

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High tech

The main feature of this style is functionality.

Not complicated, convenient plumbing fixtures can look very original. Mirrors and chrome make the bathroom somewhat austere. LEDs are suitable as a lighting source.

The color palette includes white and grey. The materials are more modern, that is, plastic, as well as traditional glass and ceramics.

Plants will dilute the futuristic atmosphere and add their comfort and softness.


This industrial style is very popular all over the world due to feigned brutality and negligence in modern bathroom design 2020.

It is for this direction in interior design that concrete would be appropriate. When combined with other types of wall finishes, such as aged wood, you can achieve stunning results. Porcelain tiles in this style should not be overlooked because they are quite easy to clean.

High-tech and modern plumbing will bring a bathroom in this style out of the stage of feeling like a constant renovation.

Hot Trends in Bathroom Design

Bathroom Design Trends in Subtle Colors
Recreating the latest bathroom design trends is not that difficult. There are always interesting options for those who want to diversify their interior.

SPA inspiration

Bathrooms have changed significantly over the past decade. Thanks to inexpensive furniture and a revolution in the manufacturing process, luxury style has become much more accessible. In the spa baths you can relieve the stress that has accumulated during the day. This interior is characterized by light shades, as well as notes of Asian and tropical styles. These motifs create an exotic atmosphere.

Asian harmony

Bliss and luxury

Window to nature

Bathroom in white

Patterned tiles

From simple lines to unique geometric patterns, this trend is growing in popularity almost every day. Be careful though, some designers don't know boundaries. In the interior, it is important not to overdo it with color, and it is advisable to focus on contrast and texture.

Like a carpet on the wall

Diamond tiles

Black and white luxury

Pixel tile design

Moroccan pattern on tiles

Bathroom in black and white

Decorate with wood

It is very important to have a relaxing natural area at home. Now you don’t have to worry about the presence of moisture when using wood in the interior. Modern processing methods make it durable even in bathrooms.

Rough wood finish

Light finishing material

Sink on the background of a wooden wall

A piece of forest in the interior

Dark tiles and wood

Light wood in the bathroom

Nature and greenery

The easiest way to bring freshness, style and tranquility to your bathroom is to add a couple of pots of herbs. Indoor plants do not require scrupulous and constant care. A bright bathroom with little humidity inside is perfect for them. Just take care of fluorescent lamps if there is no window.

Tropical wallpaper combines with potted palm trees

A bright room is ideal

Tropical corner

Green passage to the bath

Greenhouse style bathroom

Gray and white

Light shades, in particular gray and white, do not lose their uniqueness. And the same predictions can be made for the distant future. Because these colors can represent different styles, from Victorian to harsh Scandinavian. A neutral backdrop ensures that your bathroom will remain relevant for years to come.

Combination of white and wood finish

Black bathtub and rough wood

Gray brick on a white background

Neutral colors recreate homeliness

Unusual move in the form of a white brick


Romantic, cozy and eco-friendly retro style.

Aged wood + painted tiles and a lot of white primary color will create exactly the mood.

A floral pattern on furniture and forged elements for decorative elements will perfectly complement the composition.

Hand-made aged furniture or curtains, embroidered towels will help creative people express themselves and complete a themed interior.

Wicker storage containers can become an accent.


Country music will be appreciated by connoisseurs of home comfort and natural materials. You can use stone, wood, ceramics and metal.

Chrome and too much glass can ruin the desired atmosphere.

The motley color palette is limited only by the muted and noble shades. The accent can be artistic painting in traditional motifs.

A cage in textiles will complement the picture.

Classic style

Suitable for conservative and simply practical people. The main feature of this style is high-quality expensive materials: marble surfaces, granite, luxurious wood, glass.

A palette of noble shades will add sophistication. Interestingly, this design direction can be restrained and also lush. The choice of accessories and plumbing fixtures, which range from chrome to bronze in retro design, depends on this.

The decor will be sculpture and patterns on the decoration.

Art Deco

This style is characterized by elements of luxury and art.

Classic black and white combined with bright colors in tiles will be a smart accent.

The most important thing here is probably the decor, such as paintings and original lamps.

Non-classical plumbing fixtures will not stand out from the general style, especially if they are made of brass.

Features of the interior style

When planning to renovate a large or small bathroom, as in the photo, it is initially important to decide on your preferred interior style.

The absolute trend at the moment is minimalism, the distinctive features of which include:

  • comfort;
  • conciseness that successfully harmonizes with innovative technologies;
  • functionality combined with simplicity.

A bathroom combined with a toilet, the interior of which is decorated in a minimalist style, will look quite impressive, eliminating completely unnecessary cluttering of the space.

Experts suggest giving preference to a minimalist bathroom design in beige tones, as well as natural white, gray, black and oil shades.

The minimalist style rejects excessive mixing of color shades.

The Scandinavian style is also incredibly popular, characterized by:

  • using only functional items;
  • predominance of black and white shades;
  • using or imitating natural finishing materials and textiles.

Tiling a bathroom, as in the photo, is one of the striking examples of interior design in the Scandinavian style.

If you want to get a modern bathroom design for 2019-2020, the photo shows an example of interior design in the loft style, the popularity of which has recently been rapidly increasing.

Loft style:

  • accompanied by finishing the walls in the form of brickwork or creating wooden surfaces;
  • resembles attic or storage spaces;
  • It is distinguished by a skillful combination of aesthetics and technological effectiveness of space.

In 2020, you can choose other types of styles that are only slightly inferior to those proposed above:

  • Provence;
  • classic;
  • modern;
  • Japanese.

Small bathroom design

Most residents of modern cities are limited to a small bathroom. The planning of such areas needs to be taken more responsibly.

When creating the design of a small bathroom in 2020, you will have to make a choice in favor of some interior items and against others. You will have to sacrifice details for the sake of functionality.

The best solution would be a corner shower stall, a compact wall-hung toilet and a sink in a cabinet where you can hide a washing machine.

It is better to strip the ceiling of decorations and leave it white. Mirrors and gloss in the decoration will visually expand the area.

Multifunctional furniture will free up space for you.

Modern bathroom 2020

A modern bathroom requires new, fashionable, creative sanitary ware. It not only looks beautiful and unusual, but also has high wear resistance. So when in doubt, be sure to buy something interesting to make your bathroom even better.

The unusual shape of the sink and toilet is what attracts attention in a monochromatic and fairly calm bathroom.

The combination of white and black is, as you know, a classic. And it can even be used for bathroom elements.

Strict, clear, even lines are one of the main trends of 2017.

In 2020, many designers are of the opinion that it is necessary to combine smooth, streamlined elements with strict, clear lines.

For several years now, the loft style has held a leading position in the interior. It is used everywhere, in restaurants, bars, and for decoration in large houses. It looks no less successful in the bathroom.

Stunning bathroom design. The combination of different styles and colors, thanks to the skillful hands of designers, has turned into something incredibly beautiful and trendy.

Despite the great popularity of styles such as minimalism, loft or Scandinavian, many prefer classic bathroom design. Or its combination with fusion style.

A very interesting, stylish combination of modern bathroom design with contrasting elements such as a bathtub, cabinet and lamp.

A combination of modern style with classic decorative elements. This option combines two opposite trends and looks very stylish.

Some unusual and very interesting ideas for bathroom design:

  1. Delicate pastel shades combined with rather rough wooden elements.

2. Bathroom in fusion style. Of course, not everyone will like this design. But if you are a creative person and love unusual combinations, new trends and experiments, then this option is for you.

3. Very bright, sunny, unusual bathroom. Volumetric sinks, illuminated mirrors and an amazing yellow niche for the bathroom - all this makes this design unique and stylish. This is a good example of how a modern and creative approach can turn a simple room into something really interesting.

4. Red color is very active, bright and even aggressive. Therefore, not every person can choose it. Moreover, the bathroom is exactly the place where your day begins and ends. This means that here you must tune in to the working day and take a break from it. And such a design is suitable only for successful or creative people who are not afraid of anything and boldly move forward.

5. Stylish combination of white and black. A very unusual, mysterious bathroom design. This impression is created thanks to the unusual shape of the sink and the stunning mirror. This is what attracts attention and fascinates.

6. This type of bathroom design is quite discreet. But at the same time, every detail is chosen with taste. This means that it was created by professionals. And if you want a similar option for yourself, then be sure to use the services of a designer.

7. An excellent option for lovers of contrasting combinations. This design has recently found more and more admirers.

Each bathroom design is original and unusual in its own way. But when choosing a style for your home, always take into account not only fashion trends, but also your own style, taste, color preferences and, of course, the scale of the room. This is the only way to create the perfect bathroom that will satisfy all your needs. And if you like any of the presented options, write to us about it in the comments.

Bathroom photo 2020

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