3D wallpaper - features and advantages of 3D wallpaper. Varieties of colors and designs. The nuances of gluing 3D wallpaper with your own hands (photo + video)

Advantages and disadvantages of photo wallpaper

The advantages of using photo wallpapers are not only their aesthetic appeal. This material for wall decoration is available in a wide price range and is durable and environmentally friendly.

Other advantages of wallpaper with photos include:

  • original and attractive appearance - you can choose either a colorful abstract picture or a calm image, a black and white city landscape or a neutral ethnic pattern;
  • versatility - the design solution can be used to decorate rooms in various styles. Avant-garde, classic, modernism, ethnic motifs or pop art. Design in any of these directions is equally successfully emphasized by photo wallpapers;
  • durability and high quality - over time, photo wallpaper from a reliable manufacturer does not fade or burn out, because the image is applied using modern technologies that guarantee the quality of the product;
  • uncomplicated installation and maintenance - even non-professionals can easily handle the installation of photo wallpaper; in addition, the material will successfully hide minor irregularities and defects. In the future, you will not need careful and labor-intensive care; it is enough to remove dirt with a soft sponge and soap solution or even a regular office eraser;
  • the ability to make photo wallpaper to order - if a wide range cannot satisfy the decorator’s requirements for image or size, then you can order photo wallpaper according to an individual design;
  • harmless to humans and the environment.

The main disadvantages arise only from incorrect placement of photo wallpaper in the interior or an inappropriate design for the room.

The rest are just some of the difficulties, which consist in the difficulty of gluing large images, as well as the need for additional preparation of the walls so that there are no visible irregularities on the surface. In addition, there are initially low-quality products.

How voluminous wallpaper looks in the overall interior

These wallpapers are characterized by very high quality and durability. They are more likely to bore their owners than to deteriorate. 3D wallpaper for the ceiling is produced using high technology, regardless of the image: a photo or a simple drawing. If previously only entertainment venues were decorated with them, today they are widely used in the design of private living rooms. See photos of some design ideas below. And also a photo depicting perfectly selected compositions and color combinations.

Types of photo wallpaper for the bedroom

Before you go to a hardware store or place an order in an online store, you should know what types of photo wallpaper exist.

The following types of photo wallpaper are used to decorate the bedroom:

  • paper - they are cheap, but very short-lived, afraid of moisture and quickly fade;
  • vinyl - have sufficient density, so they are perfect if it is not possible to professionally level the walls; vinyl wallpaper is wear-resistant and moisture-resistant;
  • non-woven - thick wallpaper with relief patterns, a little like 3D, most often found with the most common photos: flowers, roses, orchids, peonies, a city, usually in black and white or with a night skyline of the city, landscapes, different seasons;
  • laminated - such wallpapers are made with a smooth surface, suitable for floral themes, roses or orchids look great on them, as well as landscapes. Their advantage is the ability to wash;
  • wallpaper on canvas - very durable photo wallpaper of excellent quality, quite expensive;
  • with a fresco or 3D effect - they look alive, and the fresco effect is suitable for decorating rooms in a classic style. 3D technology is used for almost any composition that contains orchids and roses, a city, seasons and other landscapes.





Photo wallpaper on canvas

According to image format, photo wallpapers are:

  • background - which contains a general photo of the landscape, used to visually increase or decrease the space. To enlarge the bedroom vertically, you need to select photo wallpapers with tree trunks in the line of seasonal photo wallpapers; horizontally, landscapes with sea, sand, and sky;
  • panoramic - which contains a night city or a long balcony overlooking a beautiful forest or seascape;
  • subject - with a large photo of a specific item, for example, roses or orchids, cars or animals;
  • realistic - wallpaper with an image made using three-dimensional 3D technology.





What are 3d ceiling wallpapers?

This newfangled trend in design represents large-format volumetric printing. Photos with a 3D effect create a unique and very unique appearance in the overall picture of the room. A distinctive feature of the image is the emergence of the pattern from the surface of the ceiling into the space of the room. Three-dimensional wallpaper is a canvas that has both volume and depth of the image on it. The 3D effect is achieved due to reflective particles that refract the light beam.

Attention! Wallpaper with self-leveling surfaces should not be confused with 3D - these are completely different types, they are made using different technologies. Although, in principle, they are perceived by the human eye in virtually the same way.


In the bedroom interior, photo wallpapers differ not only in material, size and image, but also in texture. The range is represented by the following types of wallpaper:

  • non-woven fabrics - jacquard, corduroy, papyrus, burlap, baroque;
  • vinyl - frost, linen, classic, canvas, sand, painting, Venice, fresco or self-adhesive SmartStick.

Wallpaper on a non-woven basis can imitate fabric, burlap with a pronounced fiber structure, jacquard or a glossy papyrus textured surface, Venetian plaster, baroque, or have a delicate surface with small veins, corduroy.

Vinyl photo wallpaper on a paper base is durable, such wallpaper is quite dense, and has a wide selection of textures: frost gives the image volume and softness, linen successfully imitates fabric with a large structure, and canvas is excellent for abstract and exotic images.

Classic is a universal texture with a matte surface; sand is slightly less grainy; painting imitates broad brush strokes. Quite different from the classic versions of the Venice or fresco texture. The first resembles rough putty, while the second resembles a rather realistic ancient fresco.

With smooth texture


Coarse sand


Frost texture




Smart Stick

How to choose the right pattern for the type of room

A photo with a three-dimensional effect on the ceiling can decorate any interior design and style. Here are some good options for combining paintings with the interior:

  • for kitchens - French, landscape or floral decoration in a cafe;

  • in the nursery - a fairy tale plot;

  • in the bedroom - a romantic drawing;

  • to the hallway – castle hall or forest;

  • in the living room - floral decoration, sky, landscape;

  • in the bath - marine themes or pictures with animals.

The main thing in the choice is that the image should fit the overall picture of the interior, the direction of the style and the technical parameters of the room itself. 3D wallpaper on the ceilings will expand the small and low room space. But on the other hand, they will not be perceived with the same effect as in more spacious ones. Therefore, it is not practical to hang them in very small rooms.


When creating a bedroom design, special attention should be paid not only to the image itself, but also to the color palette in which it is made. Saturated colors negatively affect proper rest and do not at all induce a restful sleep, so it is advisable to opt for soft pastel shades.

One of the popular floral motifs, bright red roses on a black background or orchids, is not entirely suitable for the bedroom. Contrasting colors in the interior make it difficult to relax after a long day of work and get ready for a good night's sleep. It is much better to place delicate wildflowers, ripe fields or water surfaces on the walls - the color scheme of these images is the best way to soothe and promote a speedy restoration of vitality.

To visually expand the space of the bedroom, blue or turquoise tones and cool shades are suitable; for dark rooms it is better to choose a soft orange or yellow color scheme, and in cases where the bedroom is located on the sunny side, you can safely use rich green tones. The rays of the sun will only emphasize light green or deep dark green shades.

How to glue 3D canvases to the ceiling

There is no special gluing technology for this particular category of wallpaper. They are glued in the same way as the usual procedure:

  1. For canvases with a non-woven base, the adhesive composition is applied to the surface of the ceiling, and not to the canvas.
  2. For ordinary ones - both on the ceiling and on the back side of the sheets.

Adhesive solutions are selected strictly according to the manufacturer's requirements; they are always indicated in the instructions for use. First, the canvases should be spread on a desktop or other surface, checked and compared with the pattern. Then markings of joint locations are made on the ceiling.

Attention! Remember that unevenly glued sheets of 3D wallpaper for ceilings are actually completely deprived of the magical power with which they are endowed.

You can glue one fragment of the design onto the surface with your own hands; it would be better to entrust the rest to the craftsmen. The canvases are smoothed exclusively with a rubber spatula, or at least with your hands, but in no case should you use rags when gluing. Strictly ensure that there are no drafts during the gluing process.

Photo of detailed gluing instructions:

Very important! You cannot glue 3D wallpaper to ceilings, and even more so to walls, in new buildings that have been completed and occupied by residents before 12 months. This is explained by the fact that the structure has not yet gone through the shrinkage process in this short period of time. As a result, the canvases can either tear or simply move away from the surfaces.

Pasting 3D wallpaper (video instructions):


The most popular designs for photo wallpapers are flowers, roses, peonies, daisies, white orchids, the city, its night views or black and white panoramas, sea and forest landscapes divided by seasons, animals, cars or abstraction. 3D wallpaper is also popular, and reproductions of paintings by great artists are used for decoration in a classic style.

Roses, orchids and daisies or other flowers add freshness to the room. Floral motifs are applicable to almost any room; in a spacious bedroom they will look especially warm and cozy and will perfectly complement the design. You can choose large roses, tulips or orchids on a light background, then they will become the main accent, while small flowers will fit more organically into the interior of small rooms. 3D images are also suitable.

The city theme is more suitable for living rooms, but will perfectly complement the design of a bedroom in the Art Nouveau style. A black and white panorama or a night city are suitable for decorating a room in muted colors. To highlight the design of the room, it is better to choose a city that is not too busy or just a small piece of it, a quiet part. In 3D format, the city will look too massive, as if hanging over, which is unacceptable for a room intended for complete relaxation, so in this case it is better to abandon the 3D effect.

Beautiful wallpaper on the wall can be with photo landscapes. The sea, endless fields, forest thickets or bright meadows - all these images are applicable in bedroom design. A separate niche is occupied by colorful paintings of the seasons. It is better to give preference to gentle, neutral landscapes. Beautiful and suitable wallpaper for the bedroom: photos of foggy flower meadows or dark forests. You can select 3D images.

New products in photo wallpaper appear constantly, photo wallpapers are gaining more and more popularity every year, but it is not always worth using exclusively the latest solutions. New products are not always better than traditional images.

Types of ceiling wallpaper in three dimensions

These products are manufactured in the following types:

  1. Panoramic. The canvases are huge. It can be calculated on several surfaces, for example, on a wall and on a ceiling, or on several walls, if we are talking about the interior of a room and not the ceiling. Subject picture: fantasy, outer space, African shroud, underwater world. Below are some interesting options.

  2. Single silts are fragmentary. One roll with a standard or reduced 3D image. Used as a separate decorative element in the design of the ceiling surface with interior integration or as part of the decor. Often used in molding frames.

A well-chosen combination of 3D wallpaper on the ceiling, walls or floors complements the integrity of the overall design composition in the room, as in the photo.

  1. 3d wallpaper combined with backlighting from fluorescent lamps. In the daytime they look like simple three-dimensional canvases; at night they create the effect of radiating diffused light. They look especially impressive in large rooms.

This ceiling finish is very good for children's bedrooms. Especially if the child is afraid of the dark.

  1. Rolled. The main difference between this type of three-dimensional canvas and the usual one is the image details. This is where the main aspect of their attractiveness and popularity lies.

Selection requires careful and correct combination not only with the overall design of the walls, but also with the decor in the room.

  1. LED. Compared to the previous variety, which is borderline between different types, these are characterized by a complex LED lighting system. Adjustable and controlled remotely using a remote control.

The color saturation, composition and brightness of the image can be changed at your discretion.

Remember! When choosing 3D ceiling wallpaper, it is very important to take into account the color and pattern so that they can perform the functions assigned to them.

Rules for choosing photo wallpaper for the bedroom

The choice of optimal photo wallpaper for bedroom decoration should begin with the planning of their subsequent placement. Not only its size, but also its character depends on the wall where the image will be located: so, if part of the wall is obscured, for example, by a closet or headboard, you should choose photo wallpaper taking this fact into account. At the same time, small bedside tables or a bedside table can rarely interfere; rather, they will only complement the design of the bedroom with photo wallpaper.

It is important that, in addition to photo wallpaper, there are no other bright elements or flashy colors in the bedroom. A large number of shades, materials used for decoration, additional design solutions do not at all contribute not only to the creation of a stylish interior, but also to a good night’s rest.

It is advisable to choose predominantly warm and soft shades of photo wallpaper for the wall and neutral designs, but this is a matter of taste. If you add several small but bright details to the initially calm interior, for example, choose bed linen, curtains, a night light and decorative pillows in one design, then the bedroom design will become expressive and at the same time will not interfere with a relaxing rest, as you can see in the photo.

It is better to choose photo wallpaper from imported manufacturers; they are somewhat more expensive than their domestic counterparts, but they will last much longer and are almost guaranteed not to be of poor quality.

What to consider when choosing

It is also necessary to take into account that some of the drawings may be a symbol of aggression, and too contrasting details may create discomfort. Design experts do not recommend decorating bedrooms with 3D wallpaper that depicts photographs of people or animals. For this room, it is best to choose an urban or landscape theme.

If you chose 3D wallpaper that came without an adhesive backing, you will have to tinker with applying it to the wall. In addition, combining joints also requires great care. But it is best to invite a specialist for this purpose, since 3D wallpaper is very expensive, and even the slightest mistake can damage the material. It should be remembered that bedrooms with 3D wallpaper must have smooth walls. Otherwise, all the defects on them will be clearly visible. Another interesting photo:

Despite the fact that they are very difficult to paste, further care is not difficult. You just need to wipe them with a cloth to remove all dirt. In addition, 3D wallpaper in the interior can change the size and shape of the room in which it is hung, and it can also play a decorative role. This means that with their help you can create accents in the bedroom, emphasize the chosen theme and create the necessary accents.

In addition, in bedrooms with 3D wallpaper you don’t have to do renovations several times. Due to the fact that they are not exposed to moisture and sun, such materials cannot deteriorate.

How to care

Proper care of photo wallpaper does not cause much trouble, which makes the design even more convenient. Basic care consists only of wiping the surface as it gets dirty. For this you can use a soft sponge and soap solution or just a damp cloth. Small stains can be easily removed with a regular office eraser.

Do not use any aggressive detergents to care for photo wallpaper. Store-bought products loaded with chemical compounds can corrode the paint, leaving white spots or a permanent residue. Of course, the entire design will be irrevocably damaged.

Traces of glue remaining after biting the walls must be promptly washed off with a damp sponge, otherwise sloppy stains will remain forever. Also, in order for roses or orchids to please the eye as long as possible, you should not allow direct sunlight to fall on the wallpaper or place furniture close to it.

In general, photo wallpaper is an excellent solution that will allow you to radically change the interior and fill the room with new colors, with relatively little financial and labor costs.

How to choose a texture for 3D ceiling wallpaper

Textures and prints on ceiling surfaces should be combined with other design elements. But there are a number of specific requirements for these canvases:

  • not appropriate for the ceiling: sand, earth and stones in the picture, they will constantly cause a feeling of subconscious anxiety;
  • the sky is perhaps the most successful combination, not because people are used to seeing it constantly from above, but also because it is associated with lightness;
  • for bedrooms - warm colors, abstraction;
  • the living room can be decorated with a panel with a transition to the wall to give the room additional volume and reality to the image.

The main selection criterion is personal preferences and tastes. By following all the recommendations described above, 3D ceilings will give the room comfort for a long time, pleasing the eyes of its residents and guests.

The most beautiful and stylish wallpapers, video:

Note! Before you choose and buy wallpaper with a 3D effect, imagine how the image will look in the room where you plan to hang it. If at least some doubts arise, then it is worth considering other options. Today the choice of options is so huge that it will not be difficult to choose something to your liking.


It is very easy to completely transform your interior design using 3D ceiling wallpaper. Thanks to the volume of the design, the final result, or rather the effect, is incredibly beautiful and unique, focusing attention on the taste preferences of the owner and the individuality of the design. But you also need to understand that such decisions require professionalism and do not tolerate hackwork. If you are not confident in doing everything correctly on your own, then turning to specialists would be a very right decision. Otherwise, you can ruin the material, and it costs a lot of money, and wasted time, effort and nerves.

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