Finishing a Balcony in Khrushchev: 225+ (Photo) Repair Options

Repair and decoration

04/15/2018 Anastasia Prozheva

Residents of Khrushchev apartments resort to various measures to increase the space of the small dimensions of their apartments. And not the last option is to attach a balcony with its subsequent glazing and insulation. In this case, you can either use the services of professionals or do this redevelopment yourself.

Arranging a balcony with your own hands

However, when planning redevelopment, it is worth considering that the structure of the balcony in the Khrushchev-era building is quite unreliable and dilapidated. Therefore, at the first stage of repair work, it is necessary to make a visual inspection of the overall structure, making sure of its reliability. And only if no serious problems were found, proceed to the next stage.

How to enlarge a tiny Khrushchev balcony

Khrushchev houses represent a significant part of the housing stock in many cities. Currently, small and uncomfortable apartments without an elevator or garbage disposal attract many families due to their low cost.

Expanding a balcony in a Khrushchev building is carried out using the removal method, this is the most popular method today

Old houses have long been in need of major repairs. Properly done renovations in a Khrushchev-era building will turn it into comfortable housing and eliminate constant drafts and street noise.

Work on expanding housing should begin with replacing old windows with new ones, which will give housing not only an aesthetic appearance, but also increase its energy efficiency.

The size of windows in Soviet buildings is small, so installing them in a residential area will not break your pocket. If no questions arise when installing new windows in ordinary rooms, then the Soviet balcony will cause a little trouble.

It is best to have professionals handle the process of increasing your balcony in Khrushchev.

But additional expenses and efforts will significantly expand the balcony area, and accordingly the area of ​​the room adjacent to it:

  1. To create space and freedom, it is not necessary to combine a balcony with a living room or kitchen.
  2. The size of the balcony can be increased by expanding it, as a result of which a standard Khrushchev platform can provide additional useful space in the apartment for residents.
  3. But before you start expanding the balcony, you should think carefully and decide on its purpose.
  4. The balcony area in Khrushchev can be equipped as an additional small room, a spacious storage room or a study.

You need to prepare for such work carefully so as not to lose a single centimeter in the Khrushchev building. The first stage of removing or expanding a balcony is to invite a specialist who will take the necessary measurements and, after a technical inspection of the area, tell you the progress of the work.

How to effectively use extra space?


Leaving the window glazed will create a nook for working. If the window opening is removed, zone the space with thick curtains. To save space, use the window sill as a table.

Create a women's corner


To store your belongings, build a storage system, add shelves for storing suitcases and shoes. Hang a mirror and a complete wardrobe is ready!


Free space will appear on the insulated balcony. What girl doesn't dream of having a dressing table? Make a separate table for your cosmetics; natural light will help you take care of yourself.


Do you knit, sew, draw? Set up a creative zone for you or your children. Set up a sewing machine or easel. Maybe you like to play a musical instrument.


5Sports room

An additional option for arranging the space is a sports room. Several compact exercise equipment, a horizontal bar and a jump rope will allow you to stay in shape at any time.


Amateur gardeners can place indoor plants on shelves. Plants purify the air, and some release substances that fight viruses.


A small kitchen is a real problem for Khrushchev apartments. Designers come up with everything they can to carve out a little space and make the owners feel like they are in a spacious room: they move the refrigerator into the hallway, install inset tables, and make maximum use of the space above the ceiling.

Tip Use your kitchen balcony as a food pantry by making convenient shelves and moving the refrigerator outside the dining area.

A small kitchen is the real problem of Khrushchev apartments

After glazing and insulating the area and demolishing the window opening, the room will become larger and brighter. Use the new area to move out the dining area and expand the work area. Now there is enough space in the kitchen for household appliances. The correct selection of furniture will make the area as comfortable as possible. Use chairs that will completely “go” under the table.

Another option for a kitchen balcony is a bar counter. A window sill is suitable for this role. If you don’t have small children, then the bar counter will fit perfectly into the updated interior. Take out the bar stools and decor, thereby freeing up space for expanding the cooking area and placing equipment.

Optimal removal of the balcony in Khrushchev

The removal of a balcony or its expansion is represented by welding work, which increases the usable area by moving it along a window sill or balcony slab, i.e. by floor. All installation work must be carried out by professionals and to acceptable standards for safety reasons.

Expansion along the window sill will allow you to increase the balcony by 30 cm. At first glance, this value may seem small, but if you extend the area along the entire perimeter, the result will be stunning. By choosing the first expansion option, after the work has been completed, you can get a large and wide window sill, which will later serve as an excellent stand for necessary items or a tabletop.

After all the work to increase your balcony in Khrushchev is completed, you will become the happy owner of a full-fledged additional room

Along the width of the side wall of the balcony in a Khrushchev-era apartment building, you can mount a large closet with huge shelves, which will unload a small apartment.

Work on removing the window sill is carried out by welding a metal corner to the parapet of the balcony area.

The second method of expansion is along the floor, which allows you to extend the slab on the balcony and increase the space up to 40 cm.

The cost of such work differs significantly from the first option due to the manufacture of a new parapet frame.


  1. Enlarging the balcony along the floor involves the use of channels, which are welded into the walls of the house during the installation process.
  2. The complexity of the work to create a new structure is quite high, but it is safe if you follow the technology and hire experienced welders.
  3. By expanding the balcony along the entire perimeter, its length and area will increase significantly and will make it possible to free up space in the Khrushchev-era building or equip it for an additional room.

Everyone dreams of a spacious and multifunctional balcony

If desired, you can expand the balcony using two welding options. In this case, consultation with a professional technician is necessary. A large additional area and a wide window sill in a Khrushchev house will be a dream for any housewife.

Work on removing the balcony is carried out in the following stages:

  • Dismantling old windows, parapets and other structures;
  • The use of channels and fixing them with dowels;
  • Welding a new metal parapet frame;
  • Hemming of the lower section;
  • External cladding of the parapet;
  • Installation of new window frames.

The final stage in installing a balcony is its interior decoration, which must include insulation, cladding and flooring. Thanks to competently completed work, taking into account all the rules and regulations, the balcony will acquire spaciousness and versatility, and the creation of comfort and interior on the new site remains in the hands of the owners.

Key Features

Khrushchevkas are houses built between 1959 and 1985; their balconies are very small. There is no single standard size, the width is 0.8-1.5 m, the minimum length is 2.6 m. The houses were designed to last 25 years, but people still live in them. In this regard, it is better not to perform interior decoration with porcelain stoneware, ceramic tiles or facing stones.

Old fences cannot be used as a base for installing frames without reinforcement. It is better to replace the fences with new ones.

Decorating a small balcony

Tight space dictates certain design techniques.

  • When decorating, use light-colored materials; this technique will visually expand the space.
  • For flooring, choose wooden flooring or light laminate.
  • For lighting, use spotlights or a compact chandelier on the ceiling. Bulky lamps break the geometry of space, distorting it.
  • Choose compact pieces of furniture made from lightweight materials with legs, folding tables and hanging shelves made of metal.
  • Turn your balcony space into a greenhouse. In the summer, flower boxes can be placed outside the site.

Glazing of a balcony in Khrushchev

The small size of balconies in old houses makes it a little difficult to manufacture window frames and install them.

Based on the purpose of the new balcony area and financial resources, you can choose one of the following types of balcony glazing in Khrushchev:

Glazing a balcony in a Khrushchev building is not a luxury, but a necessity

Aluminum window systems are light, durable and practical, but are suitable if the balcony is not combined with the living area, because... Windows are not able to retain heat during the cold period. Thanks to modern technologies, aluminum frames began to be produced with additional insulated inserts.

As a result, the weight of the profile does not increase much, but the thermal insulation becomes noticeable.

PVC systems are the most popular and affordable. Optimal price, high wear resistance to external environmental factors and excellent operating quality allow customers to make a choice in their favor. But before installing plastic windows in a Khrushchev-era building, you need to “weigh” everything, because PVC is a heavy material that not every structure can withstand, especially not a Soviet balcony. Experts recommend the installation of such windows in both residential and non-residential premises with two- or three-chamber double-glazed windows.

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Wooden windows are the best, but expensive option. Due to its environmental friendliness, high thermoregulation and beautiful appearance, wood is inferior in wear resistance. Humidity and sudden changes in temperature over time can lead to deformation of wooden frames, their disintegration, resulting in disruption of the temperature regime in the premises.

An important role in arranging a Khrushchev balcony is the installation of windows

Wooden window systems are the preferred option for Khrushchev houses.

When choosing a natural type of system, you should choose frames in favor of oak or coniferous species. In addition, they are easy to install yourself, which will save the family money.

Panoramic or frameless glazing is rarely used due to low thermal insulation.

But such systems have many additional advantages.:

  • Wide view;
  • Light weight;
  • Strength;
  • Creation of additional balcony area;
  • Saving on finishing and decor.

Exterior finishing

The balcony should please you not only from the inside, but also from the outside. It should fit organically into the facade of the house, and not be a dull gray spot on the facade. Three materials are most widely used in exterior decoration.

Corrugated sheeting . Inexpensive material with a long service life and will not fade under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Has a wide selection of colors.

Siding . The most popular material, created specifically for exterior decoration. It is used for cladding facades and plinths of residential buildings. There is wood, steel, vinyl, and aluminum siding.

Vinyl lining . Not afraid of ultraviolet rays and exposure to adverse weather conditions. Very low maintenance and priced within most budgets. The color range is wide.

In summer colors

Balcony extension

Expanding the balcony is a popular procedure today that allows you to increase the area of ​​the room.

The owner of an apartment in Khrushchev may have a desire to expand the premises, since the area there is small, and the presence of a balcony is a good way to increase it. You can enlarge the room yourself or by turning to professionals for help.

Light work that does not require additional permission is carried out independently. For example, such a procedure as increasing the window sill with certain knowledge and skill is quite accessible to any person.

In old houses, even minor changes need to obtain permission from the relevant authorities. In the “Khrushchev”, by law it is allowed to increase the balcony on all sides by a maximum of 50 cm. There are cases when the increase was carried out over a greater distance. Without obtaining permission, you can expand by 15-30 cm along the base of the slab.

Professional consultation is required for any significant design changes. All stages of increasing the balcony floor and replacing the parapet must be carried out in high quality and with high-quality materials.

Design techniques for visually increasing the balcony space

It is not always possible to obtain documents in order to enlarge a balcony (loggia) along the base of the slab. And not all apartment owners are ready to spend months, or even years, going through the authorities. In addition, practice shows that not everyone succeeds in obtaining permission as a result of these actions. Then there remains the possibility of increasing and maximizing the useful “working” area of ​​a miniature loggia (balcony) using interior techniques used by professional designers.

Texture and color of finishing materials

It is recommended to cover the walls of a small balcony with glossy, smooth finishing materials (plastic, waterproof plasterboard for painting) in light shades. The only thing is that you should avoid cladding that requires preliminary lathing of the walls, as this will reduce the already miniature space. As for the drawing, in the wide part of the room it should be larger than in the narrow part. In this way, you can visually “spread” the narrow passage of the balcony.

Lighting: play of light and shadow

In addition to its direct function, lighting in the skillful hands of a designer is an effective tool for working with the visual enlargement of a balcony. For these purposes, it is recommended to combine local and general light sources. Intense general lighting is designed to illuminate all corners of the balcony and eliminate dark areas that can outwardly reduce even the existing small area. It is recommended to place it offset to any wall. This will make the room seem larger visually. An even greater effect can be achieved by using rotating spotlights. Local lighting will come in handy when organizing a work area on the balcony.

Light walls visually expand the balcony space

Selecting the right furniture

For a small balcony you need special furniture: built-in, folding or retractable. To ensure that it fits perfectly into the interior and dimensions of the room, it is best to make it to order or with your own hands. Ideal option: a wardrobe built into the corner complete with a folding couch, which, if necessary, can be carefully folded and thereby free up precious meters of space. All kinds of hanging and corner shelves, folding chairs and a table hinged to the wall would also be appropriate. The most common materials for balcony furniture include wood, rattan, and wicker. In recent years, plastic and lining have gained popularity.

Getting permission

In some cases, to reconstruct a balcony, you need to obtain permission from various organizations: design organization, BTI, Gorekspertiza, Ministry of Emergency Situations, fire inspectorate and others.

  1. If the house in which the balcony is being expanded is an architectural asset, its future appearance must be agreed upon with the relevant organizations.
  2. Installation of a concrete base is considered redevelopment. In the case of installation, you need to obtain permission regardless of the size of the balcony increase.
  3. In Khrushchev, permission must be obtained if the expansion is made by more than 50 cm.
  4. The balcony fencing is attached to the walls of the house, so the condition of old houses must be checked before reconstruction.
  5. In addition to the size of the balcony increase, you need to pay attention to the weight of additional structures. If large loads are expected on the walls of the house, then the procedure also needs to be agreed upon by various authorities.
  6. All checks before expanding the balcony are carried out for the sake of safety and comfort: your own and those around you.

Despite the fact that the balcony is part of the apartment, that is, personal property, it belongs to the common property of the house. Its changes affect the appearance of the house. Enlarging the concrete base can limit light access to neighbors below. Errors in work can lead to cracks in neighbors’ walls and other undesirable consequences.

Therefore, in addition to agreeing on all the requirements according to GOST, you need to discuss the project with your neighbors.

How to increase the balcony with your own hands

Often, a balcony in typical high-rise buildings raises questions about the purpose of its creation. Conceived by the designers as part of the exterior and interior comfort of the building, this element still requires improvement. For this purpose, the opportunity to increase the balcony area and thereby expand its functionality is used. In this way, the apartment owner can create additional space: an office, a recreation room, a greenhouse, etc.

The idea of ​​increasing the balcony with your own hands is quite feasible, especially if you have experience in welding and a smart assistant. Materials are selected depending on the point of removal, having previously created a project (drawing) of the future structure. Two structural methods of expanding the area are widespread: from the load-bearing slab (sole) and from the parapet (upper level of the railing). The first method is more labor-intensive, but allows you to get an additional 2 square meters. m area.

Step-by-step removal from the load-bearing slab

The method allows not only to enlarge the balcony in the Khrushchev-era building, but also to make a major overhaul of the load-bearing slab, the condition of which, as a rule, leaves much to be desired.

  1. Using a grinder and a hammer drill, the old railings, previously tied with a rope (to prevent falls), are dismantled.
  2. On both sides of the load-bearing slab, channels are mounted into the wall at the level of the length and width of the frame. To strengthen the sole, metal profiles are also hammered above it.
  3. The ends of the elements are connected with a steel angle along the load-bearing slab and at the ends of the driven beams.

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  1. A new parapet is welded from steel strips.
  2. The floor is mounted - metal strips are welded to the frame, to which sheets of galvanized sheet are attached. If desired, lay polystyrene foam, mineral wool (any insulation material), then cover it with boards.
  3. Weld the frame for the glazing and the canopy.
  4. Install the canopy, which should protrude 0.3 m above the parapet.
  5. The balcony is glazed, the roof, walls and parapet are insulated. They produce external and internal finishing.

Step-by-step removal from the windowsill

The expansion of the balcony, starting from the window sill, is carried out using two methods - using a frame or brackets. The frame is welded if metal structures serve as the parapet. In this case, a preliminary calculation of the strength and weight of the structure, taking into account the glazing, is also necessary to avoid unnecessary load.

Extension from the parapet using a frame

  1. The supporting plate is reinforced with a metal profile - the sole is scalded with it. The old railings are cut off and the parapet bars are reinforced with spacers.
  2. Jumpers of the length by which the area is planned to be increased are welded onto the railing every 0.4 m (approximately).
  3. By welding a steel strip to the ends of the jumpers, they are combined into a circuit.
  4. Install external spacers connecting the load-bearing slab and the contour opposite the window sill.
  5. The frame for the glazing and the canopy are welded and installed.
  6. They carry out glazing, insulation, exterior and interior finishing.

Extension from the parapet using brackets

The method is used if the parapet is made of a concrete slab or brickwork.

  1. Steel brackets, welded independently from angle or steel strip, are attached to the parapet with anchors or bolts at an angle of 90°. If you plan to use summer glazing using a lightweight aluminum profile, then installing corners instead of brackets is acceptable.
  2. The brackets are combined with a steel profile, creating an external contour.
  3. Glazing and finishing works are being carried out.

Removal of glazing

To do this type of work with your own hands, you need to first assess the condition of the parapet. Most often it is made from a monolithic concrete slab. In that case, the procedure is as follows.

  1. Attach special triangles welded from metal corners (brackets) to the parapet at a distance of 300-350 mm from each other. In this case, the horizontal side of the triangle is equal to the segment to which the frame is carried out.
  2. Connect the extreme points of the brackets to each other with a square of metal (channel), the end of which rests against the load-bearing wall.

Frameless way to increase a balcony from a load-bearing slab

This method is less labor-intensive than a frame method, and is ideal for independently enlarging a balcony in a Khrushchev-era building.

  1. The railings, parapet, and old screed are dismantled down to the reinforcement at the top and bottom of the slab.
  2. The base is primed. Using a rust remover attachment on a drill or screwdriver, the fittings are cleaned. After re-priming, the reinforcement is degreased with a solvent.
  3. Formwork for conventional or self-leveling screed is created on the load-bearing slab. The recesses on the bottom of the slab are sealed with finishing glue (you can also seal the slab from above, on a neighbor’s balcony).
  4. An enlarged base of the required length and width is cut out of OSB sheets 2.5 cm thick, as well as a roof, which are mounted to slabs with a layer of hydrobarrier film using anchor bolts. If desired, you can also make the sides of the balcony from OSB boards.
  5. Glazing, exterior and interior finishing work is being carried out.

Not everyone wants to use additional meters to organize a greenhouse, recreation area, etc. - some will prefer to enlarge the room by adding a balcony. In this case, partial or complete dismantling of the dividing wall and installation of a heating system will be required.

It is also a good idea to enlarge the kitchen with a balcony - given that the kitchen space in Khrushchev-era apartment buildings is on average 6 square meters. m. Regardless of which room the balcony is combined with, it is worth considering a number of rules:

  • before demolishing the window sill wall, the balcony must be glazed and insulated;
  • the threshold between the balcony and the living space must not be dismantled if it holds the load-bearing slab;
  • if the wall between the room and the balcony is load-bearing, then the upper lintel and side walls cannot be dismantled;
  • You should not lay a warm water floor on the attached balcony - it is better to replace it with an electric one.

Balcony expansion options: ideas and technologies

Every owner of a small balcony dreams of expanding it. If the owners of an apartment need additional space, they may be faced with the question of expanding the balcony. Today, this procedure has become widespread, thanks to the opportunity to make the apartment more spacious. Technologically, enlarging a balcony is a rather complicated procedure that requires cost and effort. However, it is feasible if you strictly follow the instructions and recommendations of professionals. Extended balconies are subsequently glazed, insulated, finished and used as additional living space. There are different ways to perform this type of work.

Ways to expand balconies

Expanding a balcony is not an easy but interesting procedure. Balconies can be increased to any acceptable size and can have various shapes. Different expansion technologies require different installation techniques for balcony profiles. Such balconies can be made with your own hands, with preliminary study of this issue.

Whatever method of expanding the balcony you choose, the result will please you in any case.

Technologies for expanding balconies:

  • Butterfly technology. This method involves extending the balcony along trusses, which are attached to the facade at an angle of 40 degrees on both sides.
  • Kerchief technology. It is also called expansion along the window sill. This technique involves moving the glazing beyond the parapet and increasing the area of ​​the balcony by about 30 cm on each side. The glazing is installed on durable brackets, which are pre-attached to the parapet or frame. This method is easy to implement and quite economical.
  • Slab removal technology. This technology is difficult to implement and requires a lot of effort and care.

You can choose various technologies for expanding the balcony, but you should remember that the quality of the final work depends on a professional approach to the matter.

Extension of the balcony along the base of the slab: stages of installation work

Since the method of such expansion is quite complex in its technological implementation, it needs to be given attention and more time spent studying it.

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The technique of expanding along the base of the slab significantly increases the floor area and is performed in several stages.

The method of increasing the balcony along the base of the slab involves expanding the floor area

Stages of expansion along the slab:

  1. First you need to get rid of the old parapet.
  2. It is necessary to make a frame for the load-bearing slab. The bases must be deepened into the wall using channels 15 cm or deeper. After this, you should connect them with steel corners. This method makes it possible to significantly increase the area.
  3. A new parapet made of steel angle is installed on the removed frame.
  4. The area that extends beyond the old slab must be riveted with tin or other convenient material.
  5. The new floor needs to be covered with boards.
  6. Finish the new parapet.
  7. Weld the frame onto the new glazing.

The technique of expanding the balcony along the base requires additional hassle in preparing documents and obtaining permission. If the expansion exceeds the permissible limits, it will be considered a redevelopment of the apartment.

How much can you enlarge a balcony without permission?

Before you begin implementing a project to increase the area of ​​your balcony, you need to make sure that all operations will be carried out legally. There are various options for increasing the balcony with or without approval. First of all, you need to decide how many centimeters the increase will be made.

The balcony can be increased by 15-30 cm without permission from the management organization

If you plan to increase the balcony by 15-30 cm with the installation of remote glazing, placement of an insulation package and cladding, then there will be no problems with increasing the area.

If, when enlarging the balcony, large loads are expected on the load-bearing structures of the walls, if additional structures are attached to the balcony slab: external frames or brackets that increase the dimensions of the slab, etc., then permission must be obtained to perform such operations.

Select the type of glazing. Cold or warm

Glazing can be done in two ways:

  • Warm. This option involves installing glass with wooden or plastic frames;
  • Cold. In this case, an aluminum profile is most often installed.

If you are wondering how to insulate a balcony in a Khrushchev-era building and what type of glazing to install, then first of all find out what maximum load your structure can withstand.

In accordance with SNIP data, the maximum load on the slab should not exceed more than one hundred kilograms per square meter, but as experts recommend, such a load should be up to 65 kilograms. To do this, you need to try to ensure that the fence is made not of heavy metal, but of aluminum.

A warm glazing option will make it possible to increase the space at least a little. Having developed the design of a balcony in a Khrushchev-era building, you can make an office or a winter garden on it.

It is necessary to calculate not only the weight of the structure, but also insulation and other materials, as well as interior elements and furniture that will be installed afterwards. That is why such work should be entrusted to experienced craftsmen.

For a warm balcony, frames made of wood or plastic are most often used, but for a cold one, aluminum profiles are used.

Preparation of approval documentation for expanding the balcony

When thoroughly remodeling the balcony, questions may arise about remodeling the apartment. In this case, the reconstruction of the balcony must be agreed upon with the relevant organizations.

Stages of obtaining permission:

  • Order the preparation of a balcony project from a special design organization.
  • The reconstruction project must be agreed upon with the organization that designed the residential building. This organization may require approval of the project from Gorekspertiza.
  • .The project must be submitted along with documents on ownership or lease, on social rent for the apartment. The documents must be accompanied by a single housing document, a technical passport from the BTI. Write an application for permission.
  • If the project is not rejected, approval must be continued with the authorities to which the housing inspectorate will refer. Usually this is the Ministry of Emergency Situations, coordinating authorities, and the fire inspectorate.
  • The house should not be an architectural monument. If it is, you will have to contact the Department of Cultural Heritage.

If you decide to increase the area of ​​your balcony by more than 30 cm on all sides, then you will have to go through more than one organization to obtain permission for this process

It is very difficult to obtain permission to significantly increase the balcony. You will have to go through many authorities, after which there will be no guarantees in obtaining the proper permission.

How to obtain permission to expand a slab?

Important! A complex option for expanding a balcony along a slab by more than 30 cm requires obtaining the consent of neighbors of adjacent apartments and issuing permits.

This procedure can take a long time and cost you a lot of effort. But the result in the form of a spacious balcony is worth it. By and large, this procedure is not much different from the standard design of any type of redevelopment. To obtain the necessary documents, you must:

  • write an application to the local department of architecture in order to obtain permission to develop a project to redevelop the balcony;
  • wait for a decision to be made: usually you need to wait at least a month for permission to increase the balcony;
  • with the permission received, contact the design organization to order a balcony expansion project there;
  • submit the finished project for approval to such authorities as: the sanitary and epidemiological station, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the department of architecture and urban planning and the gas service;
  • based on positive conclusions from the above-mentioned offices, obtain the warrant necessary to begin construction work;
  • remodel the balcony with your own hands or with the help of specialists;
  • commission the facility in the presence of witnesses, which include representatives of the City Council, design organization, and utility services;
  • receive an act of acceptance of the object, signed by all members of the commission;
  • contact the BTI to change the ownership documents on the basis of increasing the area of ​​the apartment through redevelopment;
  • in the case of adding a balcony with a foundation on the ground floor, you need to draw up documentation for the allocation of land for construction.

Options for expanding the balcony slab

How to expand a balcony in a Khrushchev building: work order

Houses called “Khrushchev” were built quickly and not of very high quality. They are not large in size. The apartments feature small kitchens and narrow balconies. Today there is an opportunity to at least slightly increase the living space of such an apartment.

You need to carefully prepare for the removal of the balcony, taking into account the fact that the balcony structure is quite weak and needs to be strengthened.

Today, it is legal to enlarge a balcony in a Khrushchev-era building by a maximum of 50 cm.

The lucky ones who finally received permission to enlarge the balcony enjoy its spaciousness and comfort

The procedure for carrying out work to increase the balcony:

  1. Dismantle fencing and structures. The base cannot be dismantled.
  2. Recesses are made above the load-bearing wall in order to attach channels that will become the base. At this stage, you can begin to enlarge the balcony in all directions. On average, it will be possible to increase the balcony by 40 cm. Care must be taken to ensure that the load-bearing wall does not overload.
  3. It is necessary to build a roof and do the sheathing. Particular attention should be paid to finishing joints and crevices to protect against moisture.
  4. An important stage is insulation. The following materials are usually used for it: mineral wool, polystyrene foam, styrodur. The latter has a number of advantages: it is moisture resistant and has good thermal insulation properties. It is also better to use styrodur to insulate the balcony floor.
  5. The last stage is finishing and arrangement of the interior. Here you should not limit yourself to flights of fancy and experimentation.

When enlarging the balcony in a Khrushchev-era building, it is important to remember the fragility of this type of house. Therefore, it is preferable that all work is carried out by a professional who will guarantee the quality of his work.

Selecting materials

Today, the most modern materials and designs are used for glazing and finishing the Khrushchev balcony. Let's take a closer look at them.

Plastic profiles

They have the following advantages:

  • Excellent quality and durability;
  • Virtually unlimited service life;
  • Unpretentiousness and easy care;
  • High thermal insulation performance;
  • Relatively low price.

But in any case, such a frame has quite a lot of weight, so old balconies cannot always support the weight of the structure. This also applies to the parapet, which creates additional load on the panel and also reduces the already small area.

Wooden frame

Today, in the era of plastic, wood has not lost its uniqueness and remains one of the most popular glazing methods.

Advantages of a wooden frame:

  • Completely environmentally friendly material that does not pose a danger to humans;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • Wood fits perfectly into any interior;
  • Excellent sound insulation performance;
  • Relatively light weight;
  • Easy installation, allowing you to do this work yourself.

Modern mixtures with which wood for frames are impregnated allows the frame to be used for up to 50 years. The weight makes it possible to install such a structure in Khrushchev-era buildings. Most often, experts advise choosing a frame made of ash, oak or pine needles.

But wood also has disadvantages:

  • Wood needs periodic painting;
  • It can dry out, causing the windows to close poorly.

Aluminum profiles

This option is also quite popular due to its advantages:

  • Strength;
  • Light weight;
  • Aluminum does not burn;
  • Affordable prices.

Today, aluminum profiles are equipped with special insulating inserts. Although the weight becomes a little more, the frame acquires high thermal insulation values.

Balcony expansion process (video)

Expanding balconies today is a popular procedure that allows you to increase the area of ​​living space in a relatively short time. There are several options for expanding the balcony space, the choice of which depends on how much the apartment owners want to increase the area and what funds they have. With a slight increase in the balcony area - up to 50 cm, repair work can be carried out without permission and legally. If the work is expected to be large-scale, it is impossible to do without numerous trips to obtain permission from various authorities.

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